Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Question Of The Day: Should past relationship secrets be kept hidden?

Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden?

Share your view on this.

Late Goldie's Family plans to sell off her belongings tomorrow

The family of late Big Brother Africa housemate and Hip hop star,
Goldie Harvey will on Wednesday auction all her belongings. The family
said this in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement signed by the family representative, Deji Adetayo,
stated that although the singer did not leave a will, she had had an
agreement with her husband, Leonard Harvey to auction her remaining

Adetayo said the proceeds from the sales would be donated to charity.

Adetayo said, "There will be a garage sale at Goldie's house located
at 30B, Ologunkutere Street, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos on May 1,

Lagos State Governor Fashola builds first suspension bridge in Nigeria

Lagos State Governor,
Babatunde has finished building the first suspension bridge in
Nigeria. The 1.358km bridge, which will link Ikoyi (Alexander Street)
to Lekki (Admiralty Way),
cost about N29 billion to build and a toll will be collected to recoup
the investment. The link bridge was built by Julius Berger.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mike Adenuga turns 60 today

Nigeria's second richest man and Globacom chairman, Otunba Mike
Adenuga turned 60 today.
Strangely, there was no official party to mark such a milestone.
Happy birthday to him!

Popular Nollywood Actress Camila Mberekpe Confesses To Being A Witch On TB Joshua's TV

In a very shocking turn of events, a Nollywood actress Camila
Mberekpe, confessed to been possessed in real life yesterday 28th
April 2013, at the Synagogue Church of all Nations.

It is interesting to note that the actress in question Camila Mberekpe
rose to fame many years ago with the movie 'Witches' where she played
the leader of a group of witches.

The confession was aired live on the church's TV station Emmanuel TV.

Win a brand new ipad, Samsung Galaxy Note via EasyFlex Treasure Hunt

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Dont Know My Twitter account? Its @Jinflame *winks*

American Music Group Salt-N-Pepa Arrive Lagos for the “Divas Rock Concert”

Almost all American superstars are making sure that Nigeria is a
country that they visit, for whatever reason. Recently, Maxwell,
George Benson, Kim Kardashian, Rick Ross and New Edition , just to
name a few in recent times, have been here.

And now, legendary American Hip-Hop group, Salt-N-Pepa are one of them.

After much anticipation, the Hip-
Hop divas, Cheryl James and Sandy Denton ("Salt" and "Pepa"
respectively) who are headlining the " Divas Rock Concert" arrived
Lagos at Muritala Mohammed Airport yesterday evening, April 28, 2013.

The "Divas Rock Concert" is scheduled for May 1, 2013 at 10 Degrees
Event Centre, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. Other artists billed to take the
stage with the first ever female rap crew are Sasha P, Weird MC, Eva
and Ms. Jaie.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Four Men, Including A Cripple Jailed For Raping 22-year-old Girl

An Oredo Chief Magistrate's Court in Edo State, has remanded four
persons, including a cripple in prison custody for allegedly molesting
a 22-year-old girl.

28-year-old Saturday Enabulele; Moses Okoeki, 18; Osasumwen Enina, 17
and 20-year-old Junior Odubu allegedly molested a woman, beating and
tearing her clothes, while filming the whole incident with a camera

The offence was allegedly committed on April 13, at No. 9, Akugbe
Street, Siluko Road, Benin.

Apart from recording the victim's indecency and showing it to others,
the prosecutor
further alleged that the accused persons and others now at large,
collected the victim's mobile phone and a wallet containing the sum of

The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the 12 counts brought
against them, and were remanded in prison custody by the Chief
Magistrate, Peter Edo Asemota who adjourned the case till May 7.

Mercy Johnson and Husband dedicates their daughter Purity

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson and her husband, Prince Odi Okojie,
today April 28th dedicated their 4 month old daughter, Purity Okojie.
The dedication held at their church and reception at their home in

My Mum Encouraged Me To Go Into Prostitution - Kaffy

Dancer and musician Kafayat popularly known as Kaffy dropped the
bombshell while she was addressing a group of youths at a recent

Kaffy reportedly said her mother nearly made her go into prostitution
so as to make ends meet.
That she had to pay her way through school as she did not attend the
conventional school that every other child attends.

She had to wait for the regular school goers to close from school so
that she could borrow their books and cover up but luck smiled on her
when she made a record for herself and
country at Amstel Malta World Marathon Dance, by breaking the existing
record for the Guinness Book of World Records through dance. And ever
since, she has not relented on her oars.

Kaffy believes people need to learn how to read between the lines so
that they won't be misguided 'cause sometimes, the people you look up
to may be the one that will lead you astray.

How To Know If You Have a Crush on Someone

How To Know If You Have a Crush on Someone. Read Carefully

1. You think about one
person in particular:
wonder what you'll say to
them next and scrutinize
your every move. You
constantly think about
their smile, their laugh,
their face, and the things
they say. They're almost
always on your mind.

2. You feel excited and
When you think
about someone you know,
you suddenly feel hyper.
You might even lose your
appetite or have trouble
sleeping after you think
about them.

3. You might have trouble
You may
find yourself daydreaming
or imagining a
conversation -- or a
makeout session -- with
the person you like. It
might be hard to pay
attention in class, work or get
your homework done. You
might become forgetful
and misplace your books
or your keys because
you're so focused on this

You could feel
embarrassed or nervous:
You might find yourself
blushing when you talk to
the person you've been
thinking about or giggling
when other people
mention their name. The
very thought of talking to
them might make you
extremely nervous, and
you probably feel a bit
more self-conscious than
usual around them
because you want to make
a great impression.

5. You'll go out of your way
to be near them:
You will
make excuses to walk by
their locker, talk to them
after class or work, or be close to
the places you know they
hang out.

6. You care more about how
you look, sound, and act:
Again, making a great
impression is on your
mind and you want the
person you like to think
you're cute, wonderful,
and hilarious.

7. You want to touch them:
Even if you're not a very
touchy-feely person, you
may feel a strong craving
to touch the person you
like or be touched by them.
This is likely because
you're physically attracted
to them.

8. You talk about them a lot:
You might not mention
them by name, but you
might talk about
something they're
interested in with your
friends or write about
them in your journal. You
want to know what it feels
like to be a couple with
this person.

9. You take tons of love
quizzes online:
curious about your
feelings for this person
because they're strong
emotions. The way you feel
about the person you like
-- your crush -- is different from how you feel about
other people.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

6 Signs that Someone Wants to Kiss You

If you're alone with someone
you like, how can you tell if they
want to kiss you? Assuming that
they don't come right out and
say, "Kiss me, you fool!", you've
got to look for nonverbal signs
that they're ready for that first
kiss. If 2 or more of these signs
are true, then you can feel pretty
confident about leaning in for a

1. They Hold Your Gaze.

First kisses usually start with a
look into each other's eyes. If
you feel like it might be time for
a first kiss, tilt your head slightly
and gaze at him or her. If they
keep looking back at you
without speaking, they're
probably ready for a kiss, too.

2. They Talk About Kissing.

If they turn the subject to
kissing, they're giving you a big
hint that they're hoping you
turn to kissing, too. It might
sound like an obvious sign, but
when you're sweating over whether or not someone likes
you back, you might not
recognize it for what it is.

3. They Find Reasons to Touch

If they say they're cold and want
to snuggle with you, or if they
suddenly brag about how good
they are at reading palms,
they're probably just looking for
an excuse to get close to you.

4. There's an Awkward Silence.

An awkward silence could mean
that they're hoping you'll quit
talking and kiss them already. It
could also just be a natural lull in
the conversation, so be sure to
check for the other signs, too.

5. They Look at Your Lips.

If someone gazes at your lips, it
can be an unconscious sign that
they're thinking about kissing
you. You might also notice them
lick their own lips, or casually
touch them. All of those are
hints that they might want to
put those lips to good use.

6. They Don't Shy Away.

Feeling pretty confident that it's
the right time to kiss? Lean in a
little. If they want to kiss you,
too, then they'll lean in to meet
you. Close your eyes, lean in a
little further and voila! You just
got smooched.

Late Dagrin’s Mother Broke

Monday made it three years Oladapo Olaonipekun popularly known as
Dagrin died in an auto crash.

Saturday Beats gathered that three years down the line, the mother of
the late rap artiste, Falilat Olaonipekun, is broke. A Blackberry
message made the rounds during the week, soliciting for support for
the deceased's mother.

The message stated that as Dagrin was being remembered by fans, his
mother should also be put into consideration. The message read,
"DAGRIN is ALIVE. Yes in our hearts, he is evergreen.

It has been three years since our loving Dagrin passed on to
rest in the Lord! Show Dagrin's mum some love, drop your widow's mite
in her Acct- First Bank branch Acct- 3046543524 Olaonipekun Oluwakemi

When Saturday Beats got in touch with the late rapper's manager, Tunde
Peter, he said
that the broadcast message was authentic and he actually rebroadcasted
it when he confirmed its validity.

"Someone sent it to me and as I confirmed that the details are true, I
had to rebroadcast it," he said.

The development is quite
shocking because though
Dagrin did not reign for more
than eight months before his
death, he made a lot of money
especially from shows. No one
doubted the love he had for his
mother, especially as he said in
various interviews that she
stood by him, so one would
think his estate would make
arrangements for her.

Peters further told Saturday
Beats that because of the lack
of structure in the music
industry, nothing is working for
Dagrin's parents.

He said, "I feel his mum needs
help. She claims that and
currently she is not doing
anything. Nothing is working at
all for all these people. Our
music industry is just a flop."

Meanwhile, some artistes
showed their love by using the
late rapper's pictures as display
pictures on their BBMs and
avatar on Twitter. Tonto Dikeh
went the extra mile by visiting
his graveside and laying a
wreath there

3 killed, 20 injured in Anambra Accident

Three people were killed and at least twenty people seriously injured
yesterday April 26th in a multiple accident involving a truck and four
buses along the
Enugu Onitsha Expressway in Awka, Anambra State.

The accident occurred when the truck loaded with palm kernel oil had
break failure and crashed into five stationery
vehicles parked at a bus park near Unizik Junction. Unfortunately, the
driver of the truck and two passengers in a bus loading at the park
died instantly. 20 people were seriously injured.


Michael Jackson's Ghost Haunts Childhood Home

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson's elder sister is convinced that her
brother's spirit is haunting his childhood home.

The 56-year-old believes Jacko's spirit is looking over his children
Prince, Paris and Blanket - who live there with his mum Katherine.

According to her, the late pop legend can be heard tap dancing in the
mansion in Encino, California.

The former Celebrity apprentice star said: "You don't see anything but
you feel a presence."

La Toya has also been using a psychic to speak to her brother,
who died of an overdose in 2009 aged 50. She said: "If
Michael wants to tell me something, I want to know."

Friday, April 26, 2013

SEE PHOTO: Genevieve Nnaji Engaged?

This seems to be an engagement ring in the middle finger of the highly
secretive Nollywood's screen goddess, Genevieve Nnaji.

The 34 year old actress posted this picture on her instagram page.

PICTURE Of The Man Who Was Deported For Being Too Handsome

This man was deported for being too handsome. The man is quite good
looking but that doesn't justify his deportation.

Apparently, seems like Saudi men are too insecure to allow fine men
into their country.

15 Fast Facts About Cigarette Smoking

Most people who smoke first
light up a cigarette when they're
teenagers. In fact, 80% of
smokers began the habit before
they turned 18. Here are a few
quick facts about cigarette
smoking, nicotine and tobacco
that you may not have heard
before. Even if you have, they're
facts that are worth keeping in
mind when your friends and
relatives light up a cigarette.

1. Nearly 70% of people who
smoke say they wish they
could quit.
2. Teens who smoke cough
and wheeze three times
more than teens who
don't smoke.
3. Smoking causes cancer,
heart disease, lung disease
and strokes.
4. Smokers as young as 18
years old have shown
evidence of developing
heart disease.
5. More than 70% of young
people who smoke said
they wish they hadn't
started doing it.
6. Studies show that 43% of
people who smoke three
or fewer cigarettes a day
become addicted to
7. More than 434,000
Americans die each year
from smoking-related
8. One-third of all new
smokers will eventually die
from a smoking-related
9. Nicotine -- one of the main
ingredients in cigarettes --
is a poison.
10. Nicotine is as addictive as
heroin and cocaine.
11. All tobacco products -- that
includes cigarettes, cigars
and chewing tobacco --
have nicotine in them.
12. Smoking makes you feel
weaker and more tired
because it prevents oxygen
from reaching your heart.
13. Smoking hurts the people
around you: More than
53,000 people die each
year from secondhand
14. Cigarettes have tons of
harmful chemicals in them,
including ammonia (found
in toilet cleaner), carbon
monoxide (found in car
exhaust) and arsenic
(found in rat poison).
15. Ten years after quiting
smoking, a person's risk of
lung cancer and heart
disease returns to that of a

SACRILEGE! Worshiper Gives Used Condom As Offering In Church

To most Christians, the offering
time is, indeed, a time of
immense financial blessing. But
recently, the offering time
turned into a moment of hot
curses in a Lagos church when
an already used condom,
dripping with semen, was
discovered inside the offering
box after the Sunday service.

It was like a weird dream,
according to the former
Chairman, Pentecostal
Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN),
Ogba Zone, Prophet Tobi
Okonkwo, who witnessed the
incident. The cleric said he
couldn't believe his eyes when
a discarded condom, with
stains, was discovered in an
envelope in the offertory box of
his former church.

With this recent incident,
Okonkwo admitted that the
agents of darkness had
infiltrated the churches in large
numbers and now occupy high-
ranking positions in the
gathering of God's children,
where they wreak untold havoc
on the unwary flock.

Okonkwo, who is also the
General Overseer of Living Word
Prayer Assembly, Agege, Lagos,
wept over man's ingratitude to
God during a recent monthly
thanksgiving programme of the
church, tagged Manna from

It has got to a point where
some people come to the
church to mock God. They are
anti-Christ but they still go to
church. You could imagine how
somebody came to the church
and decided to give a used
condom in an envelope to God.

You can see how wicked man
has become," he said. Okonkwo
said the giver of the
abominable gift refused to
confess his crime, even when
the entire church rained curses
profusely on whosoever was

He said, "A curse was laid on
the person. Even before the
people laid the curse, God had
already seen the abomination
committed in his house by
someone, who pretended he came to the church to worship

very bad! May God Have Mercy

PHOTO: Gwyneth Paltrow World's Most Beautiful Woman Of 2013 Shows Off Her Body

As the saying goes, "if you've
got it, flaunt it." And that's
exactly what the newly
named "World's Most
Beautiful Woman" Gwyneth
Paltrow did at the "Iron Man
3" premiere on Wednesday
night in Hollywood, Calif.

The 40-year-old mother of two
showed off her toned backside
in a partially sheer gown as she
walked the red carpet, sans

Wizkid & Banky W Back Together “Banky W Is My Fan & Business Partner” – Wizzy

The owner of Empire
Entertainment Mates,
EME , aBanky W is happy to have Star boy records owner, Ayo Balogun
aka Wizkid not as an artist under him anymore but as a business

Few months ago, Wizkid dumps Banky W to start his own record label,
Starboy Entertainment over money palava.

As it is right now, Banky W & Wizkid are back together on a normal
business level.
" They're in this to promote each other.. Is like do me I do you thing
" – said an
anonymous EME insider

10 Simple Ways To Impress A Woman

The following are 10 simple ways to impress a woman:

1. Compliment, compliment, and compliment
Women love to be complimented. For them, compliments are very important to enhance their confidence level. If men have a weakness in their eyes, then women have a weakness in their ears. However, dont do it excessively. Give her a sincere compliment, not just lip service, and give it at the right time.

2. Have a well groomed body and appearance
You don't need to have a handsome face to try to impress a woman, but having a
well groomed body and
appearance are very important.
Having a bright face, clean skin
and clothes, and smell good all
the time are some examples
that you treat your body well. If
you can't treat your own body
then can you treat her well?

3. Have a sense of humor
Don't be too serious, women like a man who can make them laugh. In fact, sometimes humor can dilute a tense situation or conflict, like opening a window in a hot room. Of course, men and women have different sense of humor. Don't ever tell a woman dirty jokes especially if you don't know her closely.

4. Have good manners
Women dislike rude men and
men who like talking dirty. It's
too unpleasant to hear. By
being rude, she will think that
you can't treat her well. Show
that you're a well-educated man!

5. Socialize with her family andfriends
Make a good impression on her
family and friends. When you
already have a close
relationship with them, you will
be easier to get her. Impress
them and you'll impress her.

6. Be a smart man
Some teens may have not
thought about this, but for
those who are already mature,
being smart is an important
factor. Smart men usually have a
bright future, creative, and able
to adapt in all situations.

7. Smile
There is a saying, "don't frown
because you never know who's
falling in love with your smile".
These words are created for a
reason, a smile makes a person
look attractive, friendly,
optimistic and confident. After
all, women don't want to be
with a man who looks like not
enjoying his life.

8. Try to ask her some questions
If you don't know too much
about her, ask something about
herself. Actually, this topic is
their preferred topic. Besides
you will know her more closely,
she will be more open and feel comfortable toward you. It also
gives her a sign that you like
her inside and out.

9. Give something special on her special day
Special day, such as birthday, is
a very good moment to make
her attracted to you. Give
something special on that day
will make her feel as a special
person for you. Try to give something that makes her always remember you. :)

10. Be sincere and honest to her
You have to love her sincerely without any other veiled purpose. In addition, tell something about you honestly, without boasting something you don't have or something you've never experienced. Although you can get her, if you're not being sincere and honest, your relationship won't last long because eventually she will notice.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swedish Police Find Weed On Justin Bieber's Tour Bus

Swedish police
reportedly found
marijuana when
they raided Justin
Bieber's tour buson
Wednesday night.

The Local reports that several
officers were on duty outside
Bieber's hotel in Stockholm to
help control the throngs of fans
waiting outside, and when one
of the cops became suspicious
that drugs were being used on
the bus, they decided to check
it out.

A rep for the Stockholm PD told
TMZ that an officer smelled
weed coming from Bieber's
tour bus, and proceeded to get
a warrant to search the vehicle.

No one was in the bus at the
time it was raided and cops
told TMZ they found a small
amount of "narcotics" and a
taser. The police wouldn't say
what they found, but local
papers have reported that it
was marijuana.

According to TMZ no one will be
charged, because it's unknown
whom the drugs belonged to
on the bus.

The 19-year-old pop star was
caught smoking what was
believed to be weed earlier this
year, and the singer sort of
apologized for it when he
appeared on "Saturday Night
Live" in Februrary.

While in character as the
president of the Miley Cyrus fan
club, he chided Cyrus (played by
Vanessa Bayer) for being
friends with "that douche Justin
Bieber," before launching into a
string of insults:

"You're kidding me, right? He
looks like a lesbian ... I heard he
still has his baby teeth," he said
adding, "I also heard he got
busted for smoking weed and
he's really sorry about it and
people make mistakes and he's
never gonna do it again."

How To Remain Poor

Saw this on Facebook, thought it would be nice to share it with you all.


1. Never wake up early...
Keep stretching & turning in bed until you get too hungry to continue
dozing if there are no bedbugs, why hurry to get up??
2. Never plan how to spend your money..
Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it's
finished, you try to count and recall how you spent it..
3. Don't think of saving until you have real big money...
How can you save when you earn so little?? Those telling you to save
are not sympathetic to your burning needs..
4. Don't engage in activities usually reserved for the "uneducated "...
How can you a graduate engage in petty trade or home based
production?? That's for people who never went to school.
5. Don't think of starting a business until an angel comes from heaven
& give U capital..
How do they expect U to invest before U get millions of dollars?? Even
though more than half the businesses in your town were started with a
few hundred dollar, you as a smart person can only start with
6. Complain about
everything except your own attitude:
Blame the system the government& the banks that refuse to lend you
money. They are all bad & do not want you to get rich.
7. Spend more than you earn...
To achieve this, buy consumer product on credit & keep borrowing from
friends & employers.
8. Compete in dressing...
Make sure you wear the latest clothes among all workers in your
office.. Whenever your neighbour buys a new
phone, u get one that is more expensive..
9. Get yourself a nice second hand car that costs more than three
times your gross monthly pay..
10. Give your children
everything they ask for since you're such a loving parent. They should
not struggle for anything because you do not want them to suffer that
way, they will grow up lazy & hence poor enough to ensure they can't
help you in old age...

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PHOTO: Rihanna 'Mistakenly' Posts Picture Of Her Nude Breasts On Instagram

Rihanna recently instagrammed a photo of breasts to her fans.

When fans suggested that the breasts belonged to Rihanna -
she removed the picture. So, what do you think? Are they

Mercy Johnson Dedicates Baby Purity This Sunday

Nollywood star actress Mercy Johnson will be dedicating her daughter
Purity on the 28th of April 2013.

Mercy Johnson and her family relocated from their Omole estate home to
their personal house at Thomas Estate, Ajah, Lagos which would
be the venue of the event.

Comedy Has Put Food On My Table - Basketmouth

Recently, Bright Okpocha "the world famous Nigerian comedian"
popularly known as Basketmouth was interviewed by the guys at

Basketmouth was asked to state what
comedy has done for him and he has this to say:

Oh! There's nothing! There's nothing, man!
Comedy has done everything for me. Comedy has given me a reason to be
a better person, a reason to work hard,
because making people laugh is my dream; it's an accomplishment for
me, and comedy has given me a reason to do all these things.
Comedy has given me a career, comedy has put food on my table at the same time.
So, comedy is my life,
comedy is what I do, and comedy is me. I didn't choose to be a
comedian, comedy chose me and that's the reason I cannot
disengage myself from comedy.
It's done everything. It's done every single thing that I want. It's
even done more things than it's done
for a banker (Laughs). -

“It Was A Disgrace” – Messi Speaks On 4-0 Battering By Bayern Munich

Lionel Messi has described Tuesday's 4-0 humiliation Barcelona
suffered in the hands of Bayern Munich as "a disgrace".

The Argentine forward and his team mates were completely outclassed
and outmuscled by the Bavarians and have a huge task at the Camp Nou
to salvage anything from the tie.

"It's 4-0 and it will be difficult because they are a great team,"
Messi told reporters.

"They were a lot stronger than us - physically superior in fact. It's
a disgrace what happened, but we have to go on.

"We'll try to score at home and do our best. We must go on.
Now we must win La Liga soon."

Messi has not played for the Spanish giants, since he came off the
bench to help them oust Paris Saint-Germaine, in the quarter-finals of
the Champions League, but waved aside talk
that his fitness was key.

"It was some days since I played and I didn't feel 100% comfortable
but I was not injured, so I could play," the 25- year-old insisted.

7 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

Since people don't always use actual words to express their feelings,
sometimes you'll have
to resort to looking for unconscious signs that your crush likes you
back. If 3 or more of the below signs are
true, there's a good chance your crush likes you back. (Of course, you
could always just ask them out and see what they say.)

1. He Brags About Himself to You
If he always seems to be telling you stories that demonstrate how
awesome he is, he's trying to prove himself to be worthy of you. It's
sort of like the human equivalent of peacocks showing
off their feathers. Yeah, it's a little pathetic...but if you like him
back, then I'm sure you won't

2. She Wants to Talk to You
Even a pretty shy person will try
to get close to you (either in
person or through words) if she
likes you. Bonus points if she
calls you up out of the blue, just
to talk. On the flip side, if your
crush never seems to initiate
conversations or return your
calls and texts, then it's probably
a lost cause.

3. You Catch Him Looking at
Of course, this doesn't count if
you've been staring at him for
the past hour, hoping to get his
attention, and he catches you in
the act. It only counts if you
glance over at him and caught
him in mid-stare.

4. She Laughs at Your Jokes -
Even If They're Not Funny
If she likes you, she'll be
charmed by even the dumbest
stuff that comes out of your

5. He Treats You Differently
Than Other Girls
If he's sending you "I like you"
vibes, they don't mean anything
if he flirts the same way with
everyone. For instance, if he's a
notorious flirt, then he'll act
shyer and more genuine around
the girl he really likes.

6. Her Friends Tease Her About
If her friends know she likes
you, they won't be able to keep
their traps shut when you're
around. So watch them closely
for signs that they know
something you don't.

7. He Gets Into Stuff You Like
Is your non-punk crush
suddenly downloading your
favorite Green Day album? Did
your jocko crush audition for
the school play you told him you
were trying out for? It's
probably 'cause he wants to
have something to talk to you
about, or he wants to prove that
you guys are totally made for
each other.

Watch What You Say Or Dont Speak

An oldman spread rumours that
his neighbour was a thief as a
result,the youngman was
arrested.Days later the youngman
was proven innocent.After being
released he sued the oldman for
wrongly accusing him.In court
the oldman told the judge."They
were just comments,didn't harm
anyone"The judge before
passing sentence on the case
told the oldman;"Write all the
things you said about him on a
piece of paper,cut them up and
on the way home throw the
pieces out tomorrow,come back
to hear the sentence".The next
day the judge told the
oldman;"Before receiving the
sentence you will have to go out
and gather all the pieces of paper
that you threw out
yesterday".The oldman said"I
can't do that!the wind spread
them and I wont know where to
find them your honour".The
judge said".The same way,simple
comments may destroy the
honour of a man to such an
extent that one is not able to fix
it.If you can't speak well of
someone,rather don't say

How to Flirt With a Girl or Guy

10 Easy Flirt Tips

1. Choose Your Targets
You don't have to have a crush
on someone in order to flirt.
Practice flirting with random
people you see every day -
people who might not even be
on your dating radar - on order
to hone your skills. That way,
you'll have some flirting
experience under your belt
when you approach the people
who really matter.

2. Have an Opening Line
Find a reason to talk to the
person. If you're in a class with
them, come up with a question
about an assignment. If they're
standing in line behind you at a
concert, ask about the band. Get
creative, and be ready to
respond to whatever they say.

3. Make Eye Contact
If you don't make eye contact,
you'll look bored or
uninterested, and that's not an
impression you want to give.
Too shy to look them right in
the eyes? Here's a trick: look at
the spot right between their
eyes. It'll look like eye contact to

4. Come Up With a Compliment
Pick one thing you like about
the way they look - like their
hair, their smile or an article of
clothing. Let them know in a
friendly way how much you like
it. It'll make them feel good and
will open them up to you. (If you
can't think of an opening line
for tip #2, a compliment will do.)

5. Smile
You don't have to go all Bozo
the Clown, but the idea is to look
like you enjoy talking to them.
So be sure to throw them a
smile whenever it makes sense.
If they shoot one back, you'll
know that they like talking to
you, too.

6. Flirt With Your Body
The body language you use
when you flirt is just as
important as what you say. Use
good posture, point your body
towards the person and try to
find excuses to touch them.

7. Keep It Light
You'll get a way better response
if you chat about fun, happy
stuff (like your new puppy) than
serious or sad stuff (like when
your puppy got hit by a train).
The point of flirting isn't to bare
your soul or share your honest
opinions about everything. It's
to open the door to lots more
conversations down the road.

8. Beware of Awkward Silences
Once the convo drags, it's
probably gone for good. Fill an
awkward silence by asking the
other person a question. Can't
think of one? Ask them about
something they're wearing or something in your environment
(like a painting on the wall, or
the music that's playing).

9. Wrap It Up
If you're not interested in
talking anymore, politely find an
excuse to head off into the
sunset. If you are interested,
give them a way to get in touch
with you - like your phone
number or Facebook name. This
is (hopefully) just your first
convo of many, so save some of
that charm for the next time.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice
No one's perfect at flirting the
first time around. If the idea of
flirting still gives you butterflies,
don't worry - it just means that
you need more practice. The
more you flirt, the easier it'll get.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PHOTO: Actress Chika Ike shaves her hair for 5 million

Actress Chika Ike got N5 million to shave her hair in a new movie
titled Moments of Tears. She shaved her hair on set yesterday.

22 Things About “Guys” That “Girls” Need to know

1. Don't judge ALL men by one man's actions, unless you want ALL men
to judge you based on the acts of a moral women
2. Guys love their moms ,so don't speak anything about their
mom's that might provoke them.
3. If a guy seriously loves a girl he would make everything possible
for her because she means the world to him.
4. BEWARE!! guys can spread a gossip like fire, faster then a girl
will spread.
5. If a guy likes a girl ,he will always tend to tease her or find
a way to talk to her.
6. To understand a guy u need to listen to him first.
7. Guys prefer girls who have beauty with brains rather then beauty
with miniskirts.
8. If u tell a guy a secret , stop telling because they do not have a
tendancy to keep them like girls.
9. Guys prefer a girl with beautiful figure and bust ,that is the ugly truth.
10. Guys are very possessive about
their girlfriends.
11. To have a healthy relationship a girl should always try to involve
in her personal matters but not create hindrance.
12. Guys have a strong passion
about something but weak
willpower to achieve it.
13. A guys mind changes as
according to the circumstances
he is in.
14. when a guy says he is crazy
about a girl, he is not
pretending he actually is.
15. When a guy says leave him
instead hug him tightly and
make him realise how important
he is in your life.
16. If a guy is serious to talk about
your future, listen to him with all
17. Never hurt a male ego, else he
would forget that you are a girl
and would hurt you bad.
18. If a guy knows how to cook
dinner or atleast he tries,
remember always appreciate
him because he just needs your
19. Always take care of the gifts he
gives to you, because he can
always remember what he gave
to his girl.
20. Do not talk again and again
about any other guy with your
boyfriend even if he is a close
friend, guys just hate it.
21. Always keep a guy assured
about your love towards him,
bake him cake or give a stroll in
his hair,it makes them crazy for
22. Guys may be flirting around
with thousand of girls but at the
end of the day he will always
think about the girl he loves
with all her heart.
He truly loves

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Photo Of The Day: Charly Boy Kneeling in front of Lady Di

Charly Boy kneeling in front of Lady Di at the airport.

what do you think?

Top 10 Dialogues Of Teachers

#1 If you're not interested then u may leave the class..

#2 If you want to talk please get out of the class & talk..

#3 This class is worst then a fish market..

#4 Are you here to waste your parents money.. ??

#5 Tell me when you all have finished talking..

#6 Why you are laughing.. ?? Come here and tell us all, we'll also laugh..

#7 Do you think teachers are fools...!!

#8 Why do you come to school when u don't want to study..

#9 Don't try to act over smart with me..

#10 You yes you ! I'm talking to you only don't look back....:p :D :O

Let me know if am right with your Comment..

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