Tuesday, April 23, 2013

22 Things About “Guys” That “Girls” Need to know

1. Don't judge ALL men by one man's actions, unless you want ALL men
to judge you based on the acts of a moral women
2. Guys love their moms ,so don't speak anything about their
mom's that might provoke them.
3. If a guy seriously loves a girl he would make everything possible
for her because she means the world to him.
4. BEWARE!! guys can spread a gossip like fire, faster then a girl
will spread.
5. If a guy likes a girl ,he will always tend to tease her or find
a way to talk to her.
6. To understand a guy u need to listen to him first.
7. Guys prefer girls who have beauty with brains rather then beauty
with miniskirts.
8. If u tell a guy a secret , stop telling because they do not have a
tendancy to keep them like girls.
9. Guys prefer a girl with beautiful figure and bust ,that is the ugly truth.
10. Guys are very possessive about
their girlfriends.
11. To have a healthy relationship a girl should always try to involve
in her personal matters but not create hindrance.
12. Guys have a strong passion
about something but weak
willpower to achieve it.
13. A guys mind changes as
according to the circumstances
he is in.
14. when a guy says he is crazy
about a girl, he is not
pretending he actually is.
15. When a guy says leave him
instead hug him tightly and
make him realise how important
he is in your life.
16. If a guy is serious to talk about
your future, listen to him with all
17. Never hurt a male ego, else he
would forget that you are a girl
and would hurt you bad.
18. If a guy knows how to cook
dinner or atleast he tries,
remember always appreciate
him because he just needs your
19. Always take care of the gifts he
gives to you, because he can
always remember what he gave
to his girl.
20. Do not talk again and again
about any other guy with your
boyfriend even if he is a close
friend, guys just hate it.
21. Always keep a guy assured
about your love towards him,
bake him cake or give a stroll in
his hair,it makes them crazy for
22. Guys may be flirting around
with thousand of girls but at the
end of the day he will always
think about the girl he loves
with all her heart.
He truly loves

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