Saturday, April 27, 2013

6 Signs that Someone Wants to Kiss You

If you're alone with someone
you like, how can you tell if they
want to kiss you? Assuming that
they don't come right out and
say, "Kiss me, you fool!", you've
got to look for nonverbal signs
that they're ready for that first
kiss. If 2 or more of these signs
are true, then you can feel pretty
confident about leaning in for a

1. They Hold Your Gaze.

First kisses usually start with a
look into each other's eyes. If
you feel like it might be time for
a first kiss, tilt your head slightly
and gaze at him or her. If they
keep looking back at you
without speaking, they're
probably ready for a kiss, too.

2. They Talk About Kissing.

If they turn the subject to
kissing, they're giving you a big
hint that they're hoping you
turn to kissing, too. It might
sound like an obvious sign, but
when you're sweating over whether or not someone likes
you back, you might not
recognize it for what it is.

3. They Find Reasons to Touch

If they say they're cold and want
to snuggle with you, or if they
suddenly brag about how good
they are at reading palms,
they're probably just looking for
an excuse to get close to you.

4. There's an Awkward Silence.

An awkward silence could mean
that they're hoping you'll quit
talking and kiss them already. It
could also just be a natural lull in
the conversation, so be sure to
check for the other signs, too.

5. They Look at Your Lips.

If someone gazes at your lips, it
can be an unconscious sign that
they're thinking about kissing
you. You might also notice them
lick their own lips, or casually
touch them. All of those are
hints that they might want to
put those lips to good use.

6. They Don't Shy Away.

Feeling pretty confident that it's
the right time to kiss? Lean in a
little. If they want to kiss you,
too, then they'll lean in to meet
you. Close your eyes, lean in a
little further and voila! You just
got smooched.

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