Friday, April 26, 2013

SACRILEGE! Worshiper Gives Used Condom As Offering In Church

To most Christians, the offering
time is, indeed, a time of
immense financial blessing. But
recently, the offering time
turned into a moment of hot
curses in a Lagos church when
an already used condom,
dripping with semen, was
discovered inside the offering
box after the Sunday service.

It was like a weird dream,
according to the former
Chairman, Pentecostal
Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN),
Ogba Zone, Prophet Tobi
Okonkwo, who witnessed the
incident. The cleric said he
couldn't believe his eyes when
a discarded condom, with
stains, was discovered in an
envelope in the offertory box of
his former church.

With this recent incident,
Okonkwo admitted that the
agents of darkness had
infiltrated the churches in large
numbers and now occupy high-
ranking positions in the
gathering of God's children,
where they wreak untold havoc
on the unwary flock.

Okonkwo, who is also the
General Overseer of Living Word
Prayer Assembly, Agege, Lagos,
wept over man's ingratitude to
God during a recent monthly
thanksgiving programme of the
church, tagged Manna from

It has got to a point where
some people come to the
church to mock God. They are
anti-Christ but they still go to
church. You could imagine how
somebody came to the church
and decided to give a used
condom in an envelope to God.

You can see how wicked man
has become," he said. Okonkwo
said the giver of the
abominable gift refused to
confess his crime, even when
the entire church rained curses
profusely on whosoever was

He said, "A curse was laid on
the person. Even before the
people laid the curse, God had
already seen the abomination
committed in his house by
someone, who pretended he came to the church to worship

very bad! May God Have Mercy

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