Monday, April 29, 2013

Win a brand new ipad, Samsung Galaxy Note via EasyFlex Treasure Hunt

Do you know how to play Word search, Crossword puzzles, Jigsaw
puzzles, scrabble, etc …this one is apparently for you.

Guess what? Etisalat is giving away an ipad, Samsung Galaxy Note,
Blackberry devices, smartphones and lots of free airtime in the
Easyflex Treasure hunt starting today! To win any of these fantastic
prizes click on
; solve the puzzle of the day, tweet the answer to @etisalat_9ja, make
sure use the hash tag #Easyflex. The treasure hunt kicks off
today, Monday April 29th and ends Friday, May 3rd.

Hint: To increase your chances of winning get a 'tweep' with at least
500 followers on twitter to RT any of your answers. The biggest
challenge will be on the 5th day and criteria for winning will be to
get a celebrity to re-tweet your answer! So y'all should start begging
for a 'follow back' and 'RT' from celebs like us to increase your
chances of winning the grand prize.

Dont Know My Twitter account? Its @Jinflame *winks*

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