Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo: Comedian AY shares pic of his wife in Bed

AY just showing off is wife! She is Hot.. or what do you think?

Fuji Star Pasuma recovers his stolen Jeep

The fuji Musician who was attacked around 9pm on Monday night May 27th by armed robbers along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway while on his way to a show in Ogun State with his friend. The robbers made away with his vehicle and other valuables. Has recovered his car, It took the joint effort of the police and OPC men to recover the metallic coloured Range rover SUV jeep, with registration number, MUS 830 AP.

Congrats to him. I am sorry i didn't blog about the attack.

Photos: J Martins quietly weds Nnezi Mbila

Nigerian Producer and Music star J Martins and his bride Nnezi Mbila yesterday Thursday May 30th got the Protea Hotel Oakwood in Lekki, Lagos bubbling with a super low key wedding. The Lovers had their traditional wedding in January 2012.

P-Square, Uti Nwachukwu, AY, Jude Okoye, footballer Ikechukwu Uche, Senator Ayim Pius Ayim, the governor of Abia State, Theodore Orji and many other close family and friends were there to celebrate with the couple.

Happy married life to them! Congrats. More photo after cut...

Reps approve 14 years imprisonment for same sex marriage

The House of Representatives yesterday Thursday May 29th approved 14 years imprisonment for persons who contracted same sex marriage in the country.

This was sequel to a clause-by- clause consideration of a Bill for an Act to prohibit marriage or union entered between persons of same sex, at the Committee of the Whole.

"Marriage or civil union entered between persons of same gender shall not be solemnised in any place of worship, either church or mosque or any place in Nigeria," it said.

Introducing the bill, Rep. Albert Sam-Tsokwa ( PDP-Taraba) said that it sought to achieve a far reaching objective by outlawing same sex marriage and provide punishment for offenders. It also set out a 10-year sentence for "any person who directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationships".

"Any persons or group of persons that administers, witnesses, screen and shields the solemnisation of same sex marriage in Nigeria on conviction, will be liable to 10 years imprisonment."

It would be recalled also that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had warned that his country would consider withholding aid from countries that did not recognise gay rights.

In Nov. 2011, the senate approved the bill that would make same-sex marriages punishable by up to 14 years for the couple and 10 for anyone abetting such unions.

The bill is expected to be sent to the Senate for concurrence.

Culled From: Lindaikeji's Blog

BB Africa Updates: Task Presentation: Crushes revealed

After working on their Task avatars for the whole week, The Chase Housemates finally presented their works of art to the Housemates they have crushes on. There were "oohs", "aahs" and laughter all round as the Ruby Housemates first dissected their avatars, before handing them over.

However, the nerves clearly got the best of the Housemates when crunch time came. There was a lot of beating about the bush and lots of throat clearing but ultimately the job had to be done.

Sexy LK4 from Uganda seemed to be the most popular with the ladies. He bagged three gifts - from Selly, Koketso and Beverly. However, the Ugandan hunk broke many hearts and handed his gift to Koketso.

The Diamonds Housemates seemed to have a lot of fun with their Task Presentation and didn't hesitate to expose themselves. It is no surprise that Betty and Bolt did the obvious and kept it in the family. Nando and Fatima also exchanged gifts, while Angelo and Hudda did the same. Looks like the feeling is mutual!

Elikem is the only one who did not get a gift. After much speculation, Denzel handed his penis avatar over to Dillish.

Some of the Housemates who didn't get any gifts are Pokello, Beverly as well as Diamonds House hunk, Elikem.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

BB Africa Updates: Task: Guys to cook and serve the ladies

In this afternoon's Task, the ladies in the game will be treated to a late lunch party hosted by the male Contestants.

Reading the Task description to her fellow Ruby Housemates, Pokello was pleased to inform them that, "the men will have to cook, set the table, decorate the garden and serve the ladies."

In return, all the women will have to dress up in their most impressive outfits and look like superstars for the party.

Will the boys be able to pull this lunch off? Which of the girls will be the best dressed?

Beyonce is proud of my "Dirty Laundry" song - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has revealed that her new hit "Dirty Laundry", in which she confesses her struggle with jealousy over Beyonce's success, has got a warm welcome from her Destiny Child band mate.

In a recent interview with Washington radio station 93.9 WKYS, the 32-year-old singer said that both Beyonce and Michelle Williams listened to her emotional tune before she released it.

She said that that both their reactions were positive. [Beyonce] was just like, "I never left," Rowland said of Bey's response to her candid lyrics. "Which was so sweet. It was endearing. She heard how real I was and she was just like "I'm so proud of you" she added.

The powerful ballad also talks about Rowland's past relationships with abusive boyfriends.

Nigeria’s economy is the fastest growing in the world - Okonjo Iweala

The co-ordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. (Mrs), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has said the nation's economy is on course and getting stronger.

In her mid-term report as part of the Democracy Day celebration in Abuja on Wednesday, Okonjo Iweala who is also the Minister of Finance said the Nigerian economy is the fastest growing economy in the world, stressing that Nigeria is also now the preferred investment destination by foreign investors.

She noted that over the last two years, Nigeria has experienced exchange rate stability and growing foreign reserves, adding that the high cost of governance is being addressed with the instrumentality of budget.

"The Nigerian economy growing at 6.5 per cent is the fastest in the world. The exchange rate is now stable between N155 and N160. Inflation which was 12.4 per cent in 2011 is now 9 per cent and also the external reserve which was $32 billion two years ago is now about $50 billion and the cost of governance is also reducing," she said.

The minister also explained that the government is doing all it takes to control borrowing, especially domestic, borrowing stating that over $75 billion debt was paid off this year.

"We are now paying debts instead of rolling over. As a matter of fact, we have established sinking fund which will be used to pay off debts," she stated.

The minister also touched on various initiatives by the ministry to cut down cost of doing business, infrastructure, pension fund, milestones in the banking sector, SURE-P activities and blocking leakages in the economy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PHOTOS: Nude Pictures of Nigeria's female BBA representative surface online

Thats Nigeria's female Big Brother Africa rep Beverly Osu. See more photo after cut..

BB Africa Updates: Denzel makes penis avatar for task

After raising eyebrows and temperatures in the Diamonds House with his penis avatar, Denzel took to the Diary Room to break down the work of art in detail.

The Ugandan, who has spent most of his stay in the House entertaining his fellow Housemates with silly antics, explained the penis avatar in detail.

"It's the male reproductive organ in its full glory. It serves as a reminder that no matter how high you get in life, never forget the people you started off with, even if they are nuts", he said, a big smile plastered on his face.

When he is not creating penis avatars, Denzel finds time in his busy schedule to walk around the House semi-naked.

I wonder who Denzel will present his penis avatar to tomorrow during the Task Presentation.

if you missed what the task is Read Here

Photo: Rita Dominic without make-up

The actress shared this photo of herself without make up on her
instagram page this morning.
She Looks Good

BB Africa Updates: Task: Gifts for your secret crush

This week, the sweet smell of love is in the air! The Housemates have been tasked with making a gift for the person in the House they like the most. The gift must be a smaller version of the maker and have all the elements that make them unique and will be presented to the deserving Housemate on Thursday night.

This Task is guaranteed to cause quite a bit of drama in the House, as the Task Presentation slowly draws nearer. Some Housemates have already gotten comfortable enough to be more than on "friendly" terms.

The Betty and Bolt coupling is the first to come to mind. What happens should another Housemate hand over a gift to either of these two, while the other watches?

Many of the girls are pretty divas with big egos and it will no doubt be interesting to see who gets the most gifts and how the others react.

A lot of the guys have not revealed who they have the "hots" for, but this Task should definitely blow the lid off secret crushes and expose cattiness and loads of gossip and speculation.

This week, Denzel,Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha are up for possible Eviction.

Boko Haram claims victories over Military, seeks help from Afghanistan

The leader of Nigeria's Boko
Haram Islamists said his group
has scored several victories
against the military during an
ongoing offensive while
themselves sustaining little
damage, in a video seen by
AFP on Tuesday.

"Since we started this ongoing
war which they call state of
emergency ... in some instances
soldiers who faced us turned
and ran," Abubakar Shekau said
in the hour-long video.

He claimed Nigerian forces
"threw down their arms in

He called on like-minded
Islamists in countries including
Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq
to join the fight to create an
Islamic state in Nigeria.

"We call to us our brethren in
these countries I mentioned.
Oh! Our brethren, come to us,"
he said in the video, which
alternates between Arabic and
the Hausa language spoken
across northern Nigeria.

Nigeria launched an offensive
against Boko Haram on May 15,
after President Goodluck
Jonathan declared a state of
emergency in the country's
northeast, the Islamist
insurgents' stronghold.

The video was delivered to AFP
through an intermediary in a
manner similar to previous
Boko Haram messages. The
images of Shekau in the vieo
are consistent with those
previously released.

The Boko Haram leader was
designated a global terrorist by
the United states last year.

Brymo confirms rumours about leaving Chocolate City

The rumours about Brymo leaving Chocolate City is true, though the record label released a statement denying the rumour. Brymo has took to Twitter to confirm it that he has left. Although record label is insisting he still has a valid contract with them.

"He still has three years and two albums to deliver, that's what his contract says" - rep for the label said.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BB Africa Updates: No Clothes Day

The Ruby Housemates seem ready to bare more than just their souls to one another and Africa.

Earlier today The Chasers were gathered in the kitchen, thinking up ideas of how to keep themselves entertained in the House, when Cleo suggested that they declare Thursday a "No Clothes Day".

According to the Zambian lass "No Clothes Day" would be a day whereby all of the Housemates walk around the House not wearing any clothes. "Everyone will put on only their underwear" she exclaimed.

This suggestion got very animated reactions from the Rubies' boys, all of them had wide brimmed smiles like the cats that just got the cream. But in the end it seems that the thought of spending an entire day in just their skivvies was just too much for some Housemates to handle, especially Sulu who thought it would just be too overwhelming to be surrounded by half naked ladies all day long.

It remains to be seen if any of the Rubies will actually go through with their nudist plans for Thursday. What do you think; would you like to see a "No Clothes Day" in the Big Brother House?

Emir rejects house-to-house search in Daura

The Emir of Daura in Katsina
State, Alhaji Umar Farouk Umar
has rejected the house-to-house
search embarked upon by the
Army and other security agents
in his domain after the attack on
the ancient city by terrorists
suspected to be from Niger

The emir described the action as
inhumane and unwarranted,
insisting that the people in his
domain were peace-loving
people and should not be
subjected to such experience.

The emir, who spoke when he
received members of the
National Assembly from Katsina
State, on the platform of the
Congress for Progressive
Change (CPC), who visited his
palace to commiserate with him
over the unfortunate incident,
said such things had never
happened in Daura Emirate
because the emirate council had
a comprehensive data of all the
people residing in the domain.

He said the policy that the
security agents had adopted to
checkmate the insurgents in the
country would not address the
security challenges, but would
rather compound the security

"We traditional rulers are the
custodians of the people and
are ready to support and
cooperate with security agents
with a view to achieving a
common goal," he said.

He commended the three
senators from Katsina State and
the 10 House of Representatives
members from the state for
their concern, and appealed to
them to come up with laws that
would transform the lives of the

Speaking with journalists after
the visit on behalf of the
lawmakers, Honourable Mansur
Abdulkadir Funtua said lack of
good governance by the ruling
party was the major problem
affecting Nigeria.

He said for almost 15 years, the
ruling party had failed to
address the problems of
poverty, unemployment,
corruption and insecurity while
no good government in the
world could fold it's arm and
watch criminals kill innocent

BB Africa Update: Romance between Bolt and Betty

Sierra Leone's Bolt certainly bolted into Betty's heart in record time.

The two Diamonds Housemates
couldn't keep their hands off
each other early this morning
and shared a passionate fumble
in the dark, as their fellow
Housemates slept soundly. Betty,
who does not knowshe is up
for possible Eviction this week,
is certainly using her time in the
House wisely. The two lovebirds,
who met each other for the first
time on Sunday evening, took
advantage of the peace and
quiet and kissed passionately in
the dark.

When things got a little too
heated, Bolt jumped out of bed
and rummaged through bags,
pockets and boxes, clearly
searching for something.
Whatever it is that Bolt was
trying to find proved elusive.

The Sierra Leonean then gave
up and headed to the kitchen to
get a glass of water. Thirsty
Betty seemed to appreciate this
kind gesture and repaid Bolt in

After giving him the smooch of
the century, she slipped her
hand under Bolt's shirt and the
two lay in each other's arms,
with no care in the world. Must
be nice!

Well, it looks like we have the
first official coupling of the
Season! The big question
however is will these two run
the race towards true love
together – all the way to the
finish line – or is this just a false

Boko Haram tells fleeing terrorists not to give up - Army

The troops deployed to flush
out terrorists from Adamawa,
Borno and Yobe states
following declaration of state
of emergency said they have
intercepted messages by the
leadership of Boko Haram
urging sect members to
regroup and refuse to give up.

It was learnt that
the interception
made by the
communication interceptors
came about as continued
combing of the camps and
enclaves revealed fresh graves,
more ammunition depots,
vehicles and other equipment.

Also, 25 insurgents were
rounded up by troops while
three of them died, including a
high profile terrorist identified
as Abba who has been on the
list of most wanted persons.

A statement by the Director of
Defence Information, Brigadier
General Chris Olukolade while
giving the mission update
reads, "troops of the special
forces have intercepted
messages sent to fleeing
insurgents urging them not to
give up but fight to the end.

"The attempt by some of them
to heed the call was foiled at
the weekend as they were
trailed to some settlements and
towns towards the border
where they planned to regroup.

Troops of the Multinational
Joint Task Force carried out an
operation which resulted in the
capture and destruction of the
insurgents assembly points
sited in the outskirts of
Kaneram Dan Katsina, Tumbu
Dabino and Mallam Fatori area
north of Baga.

The towns and settlements
have now been secured while
cordon and search operation is
also ongoing in the area after
the insurgents have been

Meanwhile, 25 insurgents were
rounded up while three died,
including a high profile terrorist
identified as Abba who has
been on the list of most wanted

This incident happened during
an encounter with troops of
the task force as the insurgents
were finalizing moves to carry
out an extensive terrorist
operation around Maiduguri.

The captured ones were all
apprehended with their
weapons which include rifles,
pistols, double barrel guns and
various calibres of ammunition
during a raid operation of the
JTF in Kumshe and Bulunkutu

Although they succeeded in
killing a security operative of
the Task Force, they were
apprehended before their
planned infiltration with more
arms to cause mayhem in the

In Sambisa forest, troops
combing the forest continue to
make more discoveries. A man
who had been held hostage in
the forest since last year
escaped bound in handcuffs as
his captors fled during the
troops attack on the biggest
camp in the forest.

The freed hostage is being
treated by the Task Force. The
troops are dominating the
forest as they find a number of
fresh graves, more arms and
ammunition, burnt vehicles and
other equipment".

Monday, May 27, 2013

BB Africa Update: Five Housemate In Danger!

After an emotional rollercoaster of a day, some Housemates can definitely rest easy, while others can look forward to a horrid week, which could inadvertently be their last, in the Big Brother House.

After only 24 hours in the game, some Housemates are faced with the very real possibly of being sent packing, this early in the game.

You could cut the tension with a knife as the Housemates gathered in the lounges of both Houses, waiting for Big Brother's collosal Nominations announcement. When Biggie finally put the Rubies out of their misery, Selly couldn't contain herself. The Ghanaian hottie looked like someone had knocked the air out of her. She sat in stunned silence as her name was called out and then later burst into tears at the realisation that she could be headed home. Luckily, Zimbabwe's Hakeem was on hand with encouragement and words of comfort. "It's okay sweetie. Just stay focused. It's only a game" he said.

Bassey, on the other hand, did not let his emotions out of the bag and simply looked on as his name was called.

Ruby Head of House, Bev, then went to the Diary Room where she elected to save Bassey from the Eviction gallows. In his place, she put Natasha up.

Diamonds Head of House, Feza, did not budge from her earlier Nomination decision and swiftly saved Elikem from possible Eviction. She put Ethiopia's Betty in his place instead.

The Housemates up for possible Eviction this week are: Rubies - Selly and Natasha Diamonds - Denzel, Betty and Hudda. Vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Big Brother Africa season 8 kicks off

The eighth season of Big Brother Africa premiered Sunday night, introducing new housemates in Africa's most popular reality show.

Big Brother-The Chase, as it will be known, will have 28 housemates from across Africa, each eying and vying for the $300,000 prize.

The participating countries this year are Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Meet Nigeria's representatives in Big Brother Africa 2013

Female rep is Ada Beverly Osu. She is a model and popular Lagos based video vixen.

Male rep is Melvin Oduah; a model, actor, 1st runner up Gulder Ultimate Search VI, and 1st runner up Mr Nigeria 2011.

Go Nigeria.. Good luck to them.

Happy Children's Day to You

Hi Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was normal lol yesterday May 26 was my senior brother's birthday his name is Daniel. I forgot today was children's day not until my cousin mentioned she wasn't going to school cuz it was children's day.

The best thing to spend on your children is your time. Give a little love to a child and you will get a great deal back. Children have more need of models.

Hope you all having fun. I've got no plans for today maybe i'll visit a park later in the day. Make sure you put a smile on someone's face today. Happy Children's Day to you all!!

Oil theft will cripple the economy - CBN Gov Lamido Sanusi

The Central Bank of Nigeria
(CBN) Governor, Mallam Lamido
Sanusi, has warned that oil theft
would cripple the nation's

Sanusi, who was speaking on
the sidelines of the First National
Risk Management Conference in
Lagos last week, said oil theft
was creating heavy leakage on
the economy, warning that if
the trend continued, it would
affect the oil sector's
contribution to the Gross
Domestic Product (GDP).

"Oil theft is becoming
worrisome. The perpetrators of
this criminal act are barons who
are bent on sabotaging the
economy. This definitely will
slow down savings and
government revenue," he said.

It will be recalled that the
Nigeria National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC) reported a
drop in crude oil production in
the first quarter of 2013,
January to March, which caused
Nigeria a loss of crude revenue
of about $1.23 billion (N190
The corporation attributed it to
crude oil theft and vandalism
along the major pipelines within
the Niger Delta.

The NNPC projected that the
nefarious activities would
reduce April and May monthly
average to about 2.2 mbpd and
further decrease crude oil
revenue by about $554 million
(N83 billion) that should have
accrued to the federation

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My name has brought Good Luck to Nigeria - President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday said despite the security challenges in parts of the country, his first name had brought some good luck to Nigeria.

Jonathan said this while granting an interview to a 10-year-old Nigerian girl based in California, Miss Zuriel Oduwole, on the sideline of the on going 21st ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Africa Union holding in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

"Traditional societies attach some values to names. That is why people select good names for their children. In the scriptures sometimes, when God sends you on some special assignment, He could even direct, change the name of this child from this to that. But the name in itself does not make much difference because even from my village, there is one of my peers that also answers Goodluck.

Another one that is a little older than me answers Lucky from my small village and I didn't see the good luck and lucky in them.

In terms of bringing my name to bear in Nigerian affairs, within this period, we have our challenges. Of course, you are aware that we have our security challenges. But in spite of the security challenges, the country is moving on. I will say yes, it brought some good luck to the country." - He said

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eniola Badmus replies critics over her bikini photo

She actually shared a picture of her beside a swimming pool (Picture Above) during the week. This was entertained with some funny comments. But you all know its no crime to be fat....
Well read her reply (tweet) below

Before sex I feel frigid there is that looming fear that I'm not doing what is right - Cynthia Agholor

Nollywood Actress Cynthia Agholor in a recent interview shared are view on sex. Read Below

What's your idea of sex generally. How often should it be done?

I think sex is good when someone is married. You know, you do it without fear of committing a sin or committing adultery. Sex is something every couple , married couple, should do, probably, everyday, I don't know, probably every time they are moved to do it. Sex has the real pleasure when you are doing it without any form of fear. I'm not saying unmarried people should not engage in sex because there is nothing I will say that will make them stop but somebody like me, every time I do it I always feel bad that I'm sinning against God. Even before sex I feel frigid because there is always that looming fear that I'm not doing what is right. That is for me, I don't know about any other person. If I'm married to the man then I will feel very free and enjoy it very well.

We have no clue on how to meet Boko Haram leadership - Kabiru Tanimu

The Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in Northern Nigeria has no clue on how to meet the leadership of the Boko Haram insurgents, the Chairman of the Committee and Minister of Special Duties, Alhaji Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN, said yesterday.

Turaki pleaded for help in this regards from willing members of the public or anyone with links to the terrorists to initiate the dialogue process.

He spoke when he led members of his committee on a courtesy visit to Governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero of Kaduna State at Government House, yesterday.

"We want anybody that may have link with some of these people to direct us to ease the process of dialogue in such a way that will ensure transparency and honesty which are the hall mark of this committee. We on our own have no clue on how to meet any of their leaders.

The committee is in Kaduna State as part of its nationwide tour; particularly in the affected areas for the purpose of enhancing consultation." - Turaki said

I will personally end importation of fuel in Nigeria - Dangote

Africa's richest man and President of Dangote Group Alhaji Aliko Dangote yesterday promised to end fuel importation in Nigeria in four years when his proposed refinery comes on stream.

Work would commence later in the year on the proposed 400,000 barrels per day refinery which is expected to cost $4.25 billion, to be located in Ondo State, Dangote said in an interview after the Annual General Meeting of Dangote Cement in Abuja.

Dangote group would provide half of the money while the rest would be sourced from two foreign banks and Nigerian banks.

"We hope to start something by end of the year. We have put down 50 percent of the money. We have secured $4.25 billion from two foreign banks and the rest from local banks" Dangote said

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Professor Chinua Achebe goes home in blaze of Glory

Prof. Chinua Achebe was buried this afternoon at his country home in Ogidi, Idemili North LGA of Anambra state. His burial was attended by president Goodluck Jonathan, Ghana's President John Mahama, all governors of Eastern states (minus Sullivan Chime of Enugu state), governor Emmanuel Iduaghan of Delta state and members of the international community of writers.

See more photos after cut...

Late prof. Chinua Achebe's Son and wife

Lil wayne signs Paris Hilton to his music label [YMCMB]

Lil Wayne confirmed yesterday that he has signed Paris Hilton to his label, Young Money Entertainment. Paris will release new music this summer under the label.

Birdman took to Twitter to welcome her.

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson says thank you to her fans

The actress officially resumed work this week after being off since december when she went to give birth. she is back on location with director and producer, Elvis Chucks. Read her thank you message below

"I want to say thank you to the fans, friends, colleagues and producers who were there for me. Many of them proved to be friends on and off work. Many adjusted their schedules for me and sent in their greetings during the child dedication. I resumed work this week with grateful heart and understanding that I am here because God through the help of people made it possible. Or how could I explain the overwhelming votes I got at AMVCA despite been away and inactivity on social media? How could I explain the numbers of producers and scripts waiting for my return? How could I explain the overwhelming love and gifts while I was away? I am very grateful and here to say a big thank you to everyone who played a role and those who as much as had good wishes in their hearts. Thank you and God bless you"

Don Jazzy's Mavin Crew to perform at BBA season 8

Don Jazzy will lead members
of his Mavin Records artiste,
excluding Tiwa Savage and Dr
Sid, in a performance at the
opening ceremony of the Big
Brother Africa season 8 show
to be held in South Africa this

On May 26, the reality TV show
will kick off with the unveiling
and admittance of the
competition's housemates into
the Big Brother House.

D'Prince and Wande Coal will
join Don Jazzy in giving out
scintillating performances at
the ceremony.

Others to perform at the event
are South Africa's leading Afro
Pop music group, Mafikizolo,
and Kenyan stand-up comedian
Daniel Ndambuki, popularly
known as Churchill.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Jonathan should vacate and give way to competent hand to govern the country" - Buhari

Former Head of State General
Muhammadu Buhari has
advised President Goodluck
Jonathan to resign from office
for his inability to tackle the
security challenges facing the

"Jonathan should vacate and
give way to competent hand to
govern the country", he said.

Speaking to newsmen in his
residence in Daura town
yesterday, General Buhari said
the issue of security is a
fundamental duty of any
responsible government, but
Jonathan failed to protect the
lives and the properties of
Nigerians since he assumed

"When the Niger Delta militants
started their activities in the
South-South, they were invited
by the late President Umaru

An aircraft was sent to them
and their leaders met with the
late President in Aso Rock and
discussed issues. They were
given money and a training
scheme was introduced for
their members. But when the
Boko Haram emerged in the
north members of the sect
were killed," General Buhari

"And when the police failed to
address the insurgency,
soldiers were invited and they
captured the Boko Haram
leader, Muhammad Yusuf alive
and handed him over to police.
But Yusuf was eventually killed,
his in-law too was killed and
their houses were demolished",
he said.

He said the murder of the Boko
Haram leader however
provoked his followers and that
was what led the country to its
present situation. He suggested
that government should adopt
a new approach that will end
the insurgency without
affecting the lives and
properties of innocent people.

"In Bama and Baga towns,
military personnel were
reported to have been engaged
in extortion and sometimes
molesting of women. And
because a soldier was killed in
Baga the whole town was
sacked by military. This is not
the best way military should
have acted when they were
sent to restore law and order in
a town. How can a responsible
government allow its people to
be killed in this way," he asked.

He warned that the police, SSS,
army, navy and Air force should
know how to conduct
themselves and act

"The soldiers are not expected
to go and sack a town because
one of them is killed. They are
expected to capture the culprits
for prosecution. After all the
soldiers are not meant to tackle
internal crisis but when it is
necessary they should act

"Whoever is sent to protect
people should also protect their
integrity. When the former
England's Prime Minister,
Margret Thatcher decided to
hold its political meeting in
Brighton the security advised
her to cancel the meeting
because of the IRN rebellions,
but she insisted and held the
meeting. The hotel she was
accommodated was bombed and some of her political
associates were killed but
soldiers did not condone the
area and kill everybody there,
rather they conducted
themselves professionally,"
Buhari said.

General Buhari, who
condemned the imposition of
state of emergency in Borno,
Yobe and Adamawa states, said
state of emergency was not the
best way to address insurgency
in the three affected states and
the country in general.

"Government cannot kill all the
Boko Haram members.
Government should rather
arrest and prosecute the Boko
Haram members. They should
only be killed when they said clearly they wage war against
their country like what
happened during the civil war.
And even during civil war we
that fought in the war were
given a copy of code of conduct
book which guided us against
killing innocent people", he said

Photo: Julius Agwu & Ayo Makun with wives in swimmig pool

So Cute!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013