Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BB Africa Update: Romance between Bolt and Betty

Sierra Leone's Bolt certainly bolted into Betty's heart in record time.

The two Diamonds Housemates
couldn't keep their hands off
each other early this morning
and shared a passionate fumble
in the dark, as their fellow
Housemates slept soundly. Betty,
who does not knowshe is up
for possible Eviction this week,
is certainly using her time in the
House wisely. The two lovebirds,
who met each other for the first
time on Sunday evening, took
advantage of the peace and
quiet and kissed passionately in
the dark.

When things got a little too
heated, Bolt jumped out of bed
and rummaged through bags,
pockets and boxes, clearly
searching for something.
Whatever it is that Bolt was
trying to find proved elusive.

The Sierra Leonean then gave
up and headed to the kitchen to
get a glass of water. Thirsty
Betty seemed to appreciate this
kind gesture and repaid Bolt in

After giving him the smooch of
the century, she slipped her
hand under Bolt's shirt and the
two lay in each other's arms,
with no care in the world. Must
be nice!

Well, it looks like we have the
first official coupling of the
Season! The big question
however is will these two run
the race towards true love
together – all the way to the
finish line – or is this just a false

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  1. Wow! I can't wait 2 fix my decorder...tasha


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