Friday, May 31, 2013

BB Africa Updates: Task Presentation: Crushes revealed

After working on their Task avatars for the whole week, The Chase Housemates finally presented their works of art to the Housemates they have crushes on. There were "oohs", "aahs" and laughter all round as the Ruby Housemates first dissected their avatars, before handing them over.

However, the nerves clearly got the best of the Housemates when crunch time came. There was a lot of beating about the bush and lots of throat clearing but ultimately the job had to be done.

Sexy LK4 from Uganda seemed to be the most popular with the ladies. He bagged three gifts - from Selly, Koketso and Beverly. However, the Ugandan hunk broke many hearts and handed his gift to Koketso.

The Diamonds Housemates seemed to have a lot of fun with their Task Presentation and didn't hesitate to expose themselves. It is no surprise that Betty and Bolt did the obvious and kept it in the family. Nando and Fatima also exchanged gifts, while Angelo and Hudda did the same. Looks like the feeling is mutual!

Elikem is the only one who did not get a gift. After much speculation, Denzel handed his penis avatar over to Dillish.

Some of the Housemates who didn't get any gifts are Pokello, Beverly as well as Diamonds House hunk, Elikem.

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