Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boko Haram tells fleeing terrorists not to give up - Army

The troops deployed to flush
out terrorists from Adamawa,
Borno and Yobe states
following declaration of state
of emergency said they have
intercepted messages by the
leadership of Boko Haram
urging sect members to
regroup and refuse to give up.

It was learnt that
the interception
made by the
communication interceptors
came about as continued
combing of the camps and
enclaves revealed fresh graves,
more ammunition depots,
vehicles and other equipment.

Also, 25 insurgents were
rounded up by troops while
three of them died, including a
high profile terrorist identified
as Abba who has been on the
list of most wanted persons.

A statement by the Director of
Defence Information, Brigadier
General Chris Olukolade while
giving the mission update
reads, "troops of the special
forces have intercepted
messages sent to fleeing
insurgents urging them not to
give up but fight to the end.

"The attempt by some of them
to heed the call was foiled at
the weekend as they were
trailed to some settlements and
towns towards the border
where they planned to regroup.

Troops of the Multinational
Joint Task Force carried out an
operation which resulted in the
capture and destruction of the
insurgents assembly points
sited in the outskirts of
Kaneram Dan Katsina, Tumbu
Dabino and Mallam Fatori area
north of Baga.

The towns and settlements
have now been secured while
cordon and search operation is
also ongoing in the area after
the insurgents have been

Meanwhile, 25 insurgents were
rounded up while three died,
including a high profile terrorist
identified as Abba who has
been on the list of most wanted

This incident happened during
an encounter with troops of
the task force as the insurgents
were finalizing moves to carry
out an extensive terrorist
operation around Maiduguri.

The captured ones were all
apprehended with their
weapons which include rifles,
pistols, double barrel guns and
various calibres of ammunition
during a raid operation of the
JTF in Kumshe and Bulunkutu

Although they succeeded in
killing a security operative of
the Task Force, they were
apprehended before their
planned infiltration with more
arms to cause mayhem in the

In Sambisa forest, troops
combing the forest continue to
make more discoveries. A man
who had been held hostage in
the forest since last year
escaped bound in handcuffs as
his captors fled during the
troops attack on the biggest
camp in the forest.

The freed hostage is being
treated by the Task Force. The
troops are dominating the
forest as they find a number of
fresh graves, more arms and
ammunition, burnt vehicles and
other equipment".

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