Monday, May 6, 2013

Former Nigerian model, Yinka Olonode, commits suicide in the US

According to reports, he apparently committed suicide by jumping from
the 15th floor of the Nines hotel at 525 S.W downtown Portland rooftop
restaurant on Monday, 29th April around 6:30pm that evening.

Nobody knows his motive for the suicide yet. But the police said they
are investigating.

Yinka was a model in Nigeria and worked briefly for Rhythm FM before
relocating to the US in 2003. He also did one of the first adverts MTN
made. It was set in a university campus scene where a guy was asking a
girl out and she said 'what part of NO don't you understand, is it the
N or the O?'

Yinka is the guy with colored hair who tried to hook his friend up
with the girl.

May his soul rest in peace.. Amen

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