Friday, May 10, 2013

"I know why actors are dying in Nollywood" - Prophet Chris Okafor

Prophet Chris Okafor is the General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry. Below is what he told an Encomium magazine reporter about the recent deaths in Nollywood

"This year I gave a prophecy concerning the entertainment industry that there is going to be series of death, and they never asked me for a solution. One problem is that they like to go to churches where they do paparazzi and the rest. They don't want to come to the truth and that is why they are dying this way. If they come to me, I will tell them the mystery why people are dying in Nollywood just like I've been able to tell Nigerians why electricity can't be stable in Nigeria. I know why they are dying. Let them come to me"


  1. Tell us Prophet

  2. Now, if you claim you why these people are dying in the movie industry. why don't you go ahead and tell the puplic if you are a true Nigerian and proud of your country? But because you want it for your own praise that is why you are saying they should come to your church, anyways only God knows the good ones

  3. prophet, with your comment i think you are the one killing them.

  4. everydat wit diff stories. pastor if u truly kn d reason y nt say it and let dem kn instead of u sayin dat dey shuld com 2 u. anyway shall u jst wnt to becom purpular


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