Monday, May 20, 2013

Never leave a true relationship for few FAULTS that can be resolved or ignored

Never leave a true relationship for few FAULTS that can be resolved or ignored. Remember there's no one who is correct or perfect in everything.

When time comes when you are giving up on someone because of his or her imperfections, first take a look at yourself and question yourself if you're flawless in everything, Then think of the next person you're gonna date, won't he/she find you also imperfect somewhere? Then how will you feel when he or she dumps you because of that?

What if you find him/her worse than your ex? Will you also dump that person cos he/she doesn't match with what you want?

Then when will that habit of picking and dropping lovers end? Think of the years that are going, you growing up, you are losing each and every chance that comes your way simply because you are looking for the complete person! Your mates are getting married and settling down with their dudes and babes but for your case you're still in a hunt for the right person.

My friends, there is no Mr. and Mrs. Perfect on earth. If you are thinking of letting go of your caring, patient, loving, understanding, trustworthy dude or babe, think twice prior you decide. You're better off than many lonely or brokenhearted people out there.

Someone is out there admiring your Man or woman and wishes to replace you one day. Someone is out there praying and campaigning for your break up. some are your friends pretending to be your best friends.

Come on, solve those disagreements, give your lover privacy if it's what he or she needs, if it needs ignoring some things please do so that you keep your relationship going on, and feel free to apologize when you're in wrong, be a good listener, don't entertain rumors, Make decisions on your own, use your brain and follow your heart.

Be God fearing, Stick by your lover, appreciate what he/she sacrifices for you no matter how small coz that is what he/she can afford. Be proud of your lover and make your relationship admirable by everyone.

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