Saturday, June 8, 2013

Actress Susan Peters shares Make-up-free photo

Sharing Make-up-free photo thats whats raining now among our Nollywood Actress. Susan Peters shared this photo of herself without make up. Pretty :)


  1. No make up indeed! It's pretty obvious she's wearing foundation and brown powder.nice try gal!we ain't fooled.smh

  2. Lmao! Beht why? I also see traces of brow pencil.Why r u fooling around nau?d make-up is glaring msschewwwwww!I wonder d craze bou supposed 'make-up free face',our female celebs r funny sha!y'all shud kip deceiving urselves,I can see u'r hungry 4 compliments!awwwww she's pretty witout make-up, such natural beauty!bitch plz!lol

  3. no make up abii...i we look like fools..


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