Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michael Jackson's son testifies MJ was unhappy with promoter

Prince Jackson

Michael Jackson's eldest son Prince Jackson testified in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by his family against AEG Live that the late pop star was unhappy with the concert promoter in the run-up to his "This Is It" concert series in 2009.

Prince, who took the stand four years and one day after his father's death, was 12 when Jackson died at age 50 in Los Angeles from an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol ahead of a series of comeback concerts in London in 2009.

Prince Jackson, 16, said he saw his father often get upset on the phone with AEG Live Chief Executive Officer Randy Phillips, but was unable to stand up for himself in disagreements.

Prince told jurors today in the wrongful death case, Michael Jackson had such problems with AEG he would cry and say, "They're gonna kill me ... they're gonna kill me."

Prince testified his dad was amped over the "This Is It" tour but felt he needed more time to rehearse. Apparently, AEG and MJ got into it during phone conversations and the calls made Michael break down in tears.

Prince also testified AEG Ceo Randy Phillips came over to the house several times and he saw Phillips aggressively grab Dr. Conrad Murray by the elbow, as if to school him.

Prince said he and his two younger siblings - sister Paris and brother Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket - were at their rented Los Angeles home when they heard a scream from the home's second level.

"I ran upstairs and I saw Dr.Conrad doing CPR on my dad on the bed," he said. "My dad was hanging halfway off the bed, and his eyes were rolled back in his head."

He added: "My sister was screaming the whole time, saying she wants her daddy. I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, crying, waiting for the ambulance."
Prince remembered Dr.Conrad telling him. "Sorry kids, your dad's dead,"

The point of the testimony is lawyers for the Jackson family are trying to prove AEG pushed Michael Jackson mercilessly and that, combined with Murray's bad medicine, cost MJ his life.

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