Friday, June 7, 2013

Nigeria deploys 140 police officers to Mali for peace keeping

Nigeria has deployed 140 to Mali as part of its contribution to the United Nations Peace keeping force to the West African country.

At the flag presentation ceremony to the contingent, the Inspector–General of Police (IGP), Mr Mohammed Abubakar charged the contingent to be good ambassadors of Nigeria and dedicate themselves to duty.

He urged them to abide by the rules of engagement of the operation and respect the rights of the Malians, then handed over the Nigerian and police colours to the Commander of the Nigerian Police Force unit for the African-Union led peace mission in Mali.

Commissioner of Police in-charge of peacekeeping; Kayode Aderanti, assured Nigerians that the troops have been adequately trained and equipped in line with the united nations standards for peace keeping.

The contingent is being deployed with a full complement of equipment certified by the United Nations inspectors, which include patrol vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, arms and ammunition and medical supplies.

Advance payment of one month salaries have also been made to the contingent.

Source: Channels Tv

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  1. Kmt! We've not finish keeping the peace, no strike that! We've not managed to create peace by tackling boko haram talkmore of keeping it. Now we deploy 140 Police officers to Mali for peace keeping. Wow! We sure have our priorities straight.


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