Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photos: Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji accused of Fradulent activities CONTD.

All this while, I was dealing with tens of calls of lamentations, and threats of contract termination from my clients, most of the calls I made to the Linda Ikeji contact number were either cut off, or unanswered. When eventually, I would contact them via text or Twitter with a strongly worded message, they'd give me a very brief call, claiming they've been driving, and making more promises for "first thing tomorrow morning" again.

I began to visualize Linda Ikeji and her staff akin to Dangote truck drivers. By Monday night, everyone had become fed up with the routine of the Linda Ikeji "first thing tomorrow" antic. The AMA Sound CEO who had never called me directly, did so at this time, requesting that the article be withdrawn and our payment be refunded. A text message was sent again to Linda Ikeji after which her which a call was put through to us for consolation, but after hearing that we were inconsolable, they agreed to make the refund, again, "first thing tomorrow morning". They even sent us a text message urging us to collect the money physically, like though we could just walk into our computer, unto Linda Ikeji's blogspot.

Even though there was no refund made to our account first thing in the morning of Tuesday 25th, 2013, as usual, the surprisehowever, was that no payment was made at all, even by 4pm. This time around, a call to Linda Ikeji was not taken lightly, as the receiver of the call made it clear she was not the person, Linda Ikeji, but the Business Manager of the blog, and that she had better things to do than repaying our money. Going ahead to use several expletives in referring to us.
Wednesday, still no refund, yet anadditional feature now was a claim that our N50,000 had been refunded. On Thursday, 27th June, I had made clear that this incidence of Advance Fee Fraud would be first reported to GTBank, then the EFCC, and finally, the Police. Several threats and insults were hurled from the Linda Ikeji camp.

Linda Ikeji herself who had comein direct contact with the client, AMA Sound, and made a claim that no money was ever paid into her account regarding their promo. Instantly, she effected thetransfer (5:04pm, Thursday, 27thJune, 2013).

The primary purpose of publishing this incidence is primarily to make a call to all upcoming artistes and entrepreneurs who have fallen for this Linda Ikeji Promo Fraud to come forward. Obviously, threats have been made to them but with the necessary courage, they will be recompensed. Secondly, I want to make it absolutely clear to everyone who may be mutual acquaintances to myself and the culprit, that for making me lose such a valuable client, for which I'm suing herself, and her entire establishment for breach of contract, and seeking punitive damages against Linda Ikeji, and the Linda Ikeji Blog.

Nejeeb Bello CEO Bar Baric Media

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  1. na w o! this linda lady must be taken to court.


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