Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bishop arrested for raping a 15-year old girl, claims he was hypnotised

A Port Harcourt-based bishop (names withheld) was, on Tuesday, paraded before the media by the Rivers State police command for allegedly raping a 15-year old girl.

Although he claimed to have both been hypnotised as well as set up by a colleague bishop, the cleric confessed to having a 'carnal knowledge' of the teenager in question.

He said his ordeal was orchestrated by another bishop in whose office the immoral act took place, adding that plot to ensnare and embarrass him followed on the desire of his brother bishop to displace him as the chairman of all bishops in the state, a post he (the accused bishop) currently occupied.

The accused also denied reports that he assisted in aborting the pregnancy that resulted from the illicit act with the teenager, alleging that it was the girl's father who did the abortion, while he, the bishop, paid for the cost.

"We have different colleges of bishops. I am the chairman of Communion of Bishops in Rivers State. Well, what actually happened was a set-up. It was set up by my enemies. I have so many people who are my enemies. The man who is in-charge of where I went to minister is my enemy. He is the person that set me up.

"He invited me to his church for a programme. And, after the programme, he set me up because of what we are dragging. We are dragging chairmanship of the communion and that was why he set me up.

"I was surprised when I saw her pulling off her skirt and others. But, before you knew it, I had a carnal knowledge of her. That is the truth of the matter.

"She started laughing at me. She said 'are you angry?' I told her that I did not know what she had hypnotized me for. She said I should not bother. I was so angry and annoyed that I called some of my pastors and made a confession that I did not know what was happening," he said.

Culled From: Nigerian Tribune

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