Friday, July 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Appeal Court frees Al-Mustapha

Culled From: Nigerian Tribune

The Court of Appeal sitting in
Lagos has discharged and
acquitted Major Hamza Al-
Mustapha from the murder of
Kudirat Abiola, wife of late Chief
M.K.O Abiola.

The judgment overrules the
Lagos High Court's judgment
which sentenced him to death
by hanging.

The presiding judge accused the
lower court of being "stroked to
secure a conviction by all

Al-Mustapha, a former Chief
Security Officer (CSO) to the late
Head of State, late General Sanni
Abacha, was sentenced to death
on January 30 for conspiracy
and murder of Kudirat Abiola,
who was shot in Lagos on June
4, 1996.

More details later...

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