Friday, July 19, 2013

Comedian De Don to donate one kidney to his brother

Comedian De Don plans to donate one of his kidneys to his elder brother Morris, who has been diagnosed with Kidney failure. Morris traveled to India to have a transplant in 2009 and his sister donated one to him. But he later couldn't meet up with his check up in 2012 due to lack of money. Sadly, Morris broke down again this year in January and the story repeated it's self. De-Don has promised to donate one of his kidneys to him and here is what he said when asked about it.

"I have been doing shows here and there to raise funds because I am ashamed to beg. Now that the money is ready for the surgery, the only person who is both fit and willing to donate is myself, because several tests were carried before I was considered the chosen one. I consider the fact that this can happen to anybody. (…sobs) If God has placed me in the position to save my brother's life then it's a huge opportunity to enjoy God's favour.

I thought this only happens to people who drink excessive alcohol and who smoke. But my brother neither smokes nor drinks alcohol. Come to think of it, you need only one kidney to live a lifetime, why not give the other to someone else to live again? It's like having surplus food and watching people go hungry," De-don said.

De Don presents Comedy Happy Hour on Rainbow 94.1 FM.

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