Monday, July 8, 2013

God asked me not to celebrate my 50th birthday - Pastor T.B Joshua explains

Pastor T.B Joshua

The founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations Pastor T.B Joshua turned 50 on June 12th but shunned all forms of celebration put together by his church members, he instead choose to celebrate by praying to God on a mountain. He explains why:

"There was a divine message to me to shun all activities on my 50th. I don't act if I don't get the call. There's a need to keep one's life in prayer. What I need now is more commitment and time with God and not celebrating. I will only celebrate when I'm 60. That is when I will forget about 50. Even the little activity put together by my church members, they know they were not celebrating Mr T.B Joshua rather Prophet T.B Joshua and it is their divine duty to do so."

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