Monday, July 29, 2013

Nigerian music director jailed 90-years for fathering six children with daughters

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An award-winning Nigerian music director found guilty of fathering children with his daughters will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Aswad Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, NJ, was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in six children being fathered. Mr.Ayinde was found guilty in his latest trial of having intercourse with one of his daughters when she was as young as eight-years-old. The second sentence adds to the 40 year sentence Mr Ayinde received in a 2011 trial for sexually assaulting a separate daughter.

Mr. Ayinde is known for
directing the music video for the
Fugees 1996 smash hit 'Killing
Me Softly.'

In a disturbing disclosure
during his first trial, Mr. Ayinde's
former wife said he was trying
to create a 'pure family
bloodline' by impregnating his
daughters. He even claimed
during a pre-trial hearing before
the first trial that 'the world was
going to end, and it was just
going to be him and his
offspring and that he was

In this latest trial, it was revealed
that Mr. Ayinde began having
intercourse with his second
daughter from the time she
eight-years-old, impregnating
her four times.

As repoted by Mail Online the
sexual assaults happened for
almost 30 years until Mr. Ayinde
and his wife separated, officials
said. They occurred in
numerous homes across
northern New Jersey, even while
the family was under watch of
state child welfare officials,
according to NBC New York.
Some of the rapes even took
place in an abandoned funeral

The family moving as far away
as Florida to avoid investigation
after case workers removed
multiple children from the
Ayinde household in 2000,
resulting in Mr. Ayinde being
arrested for kidnapping for
trying to take them from state
custody in a medical center, NBC
New York reported.

He pleaded guilty to lesser
charges and received a year's
probation – as he continued
raping one daughter for at least
another two years, according to

The depraved father also beat
and starved the girls using
wooden boards and steel-toed
boots for even 'minor
transgressions,' Ayinde's wife
testified at the first trial.

Some of the children Ayinde
fathered with his daughters
were born in the home, with at
least two babies who died in
the home having been buried
without notifying authorities or
obtaining birth certificates, NBC
New York reported.

Mr. Ayinde also fathered 12
additional children with an
additional three women,
according to court records
Ayinde's tortured daughters
were home schooled and
isolated from other children, so
as to keep the family secrets
hidden, the station added.

With his wife too afraid to
confront him, Mr. Ayinde carried
out his evil plan without
hindrance even while directing
the music video for the Fugees
1996 breakout hit 'Killing Me Softly, for which he won 'Best
R&B Video' at the 1996 MTV
Music Video Awards. The Fugees
are also originally from Northern
New Jersey.

Mr. Ayinde faces three more trials over the alleged assaults.

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