Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo: Al Mustapha visits TB Joshua immediately after release, TB Joshua explains why

Yesterday Friday July 12th after spending many years in prison,
Al-Mustapha was released, and the first person he visited was T.B
Joshua. T.B Joshua explains why Al-Mustapha visited him first;

I got to know him many years
ago when a petition was
addressed to General Bamaiyi
who was the then Chairman of
the NDLEA. As you know, several
efforts had been made by my
detractors to bring me and my
ministry down. One of those
efforts was that petition. I was
arrested for investigation and it
was later discovered that it was
a tissue of lies. I spent nine days
with them for investigation and
they found the whole thing to
be a fabrication. From there, I
was taken to Aso Rock (City of
Power) to see the president. It
was there that I met Mustapha.

I was able to reveal to them
who I am by telling them what
was to come as a prophet. One
of those things I mentioned to
them and to Mustapha in
particular, was what he went
through, though he did not
believe me then. That was why
when it came to pass, I was the
first person he remembered. I
told him that he would spend
several years in prison and
would be finally released which
no one else had ever told him.

That is why you see him coming
here as his first port of call.
Where there is no vision, people

I am surprised you are asking
me why he is coming here first.
When you look into your
archives as journalists, you will
find many stories in the past
about my visit to Aso Rock, (City
of Power) while Bamaiyi was
Chairman of NDLEA. Many
magazines and newspapers
published my visions and
prophecies on the government
and the presidency.

When you know your picture of
tomorrow, it will impart a
strength to endure your present
difficulty. When you know what
you are passing through now
will not last long, you will
endure it. This is vision; this is
prophecy. This can only come by
revelation. This is what the Bible
means by, "Where there is no
vision, the people
perish" (Proverbs 29:18). I will
leave you here.

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