Monday, August 12, 2013

Beverly Osu's mom knows about Beverly's sex with Angelo and she is so proud of her, says she is a queen - Best friend reveals

Beverly Osu's best friend and confidant Charity Owoh has disclosed that Beverly's mom knows about Beverly's relationship and sex with Angelo and she is super proud of her.

She told Encomium magazine: "Bev and her mum are best friends. Her mum just called me now, she's our best friend. She's like the third person in our circle because whatever we do we tell her. If you watch the show you will see that there are three people she calls every time, Charity, Denrele, and mummy Suzy. Their relationship is very tight. Before Bev dates anybody, she tells her mom. (About Bev and Angelo's relationship/sex) She knows. She has seen everything. There's the good and bad, of course she's a mother so she would feel the way mother's would feel but she's very proud of her daughter and says she's a queen. She's already redecorating her room, so she would welcome her back like any mother would."

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