Monday, August 19, 2013

Broke people always think they have an opinion - Wizkid blasts fan for correcting his bad english

Wizkid on Saturday, showed the other side of him by lashing out a fan for correcting his bad english. Wizkid posted a photo on his Instagram page and noted that he was supposed to perform at a wedding but had 'an hangover' instead of 'a hangover'.

A fan tried to correct his mistake only to get insulted by the singer, Wizkid tweeted "broke ass people always think they have an opinion"

Well this didn't go down well for the singer as some fans took time to blast him, some described him as 'a proud and spoil brat' noting that he was once a "broke ass dude".

What's your reaction to his statement? Should a celebrity not be corrected when they are wrong? Let us know with your comment...

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  1. A celebrity can be corrected but should be done politely. At least courtesy demands behaviour


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