Saturday, August 17, 2013

Call me Lucifer - Terry G, Reveals own meaning

Singer & Music video director, Terry G in a recent interview reveals the meaning behind his new nickname "Lucifer"

Your personality means different things to different people. Who actually is Terry G?

Terry G is just a businessman, and a man who has chosen a path to follow. He is a crazy entertainer on stage, up to date and energetic.

When you first came to the industry you referred to yourself as Mr. Bling Bling, later it was Ginger, Akpako Master, and now you said people should call you Lucifer (devil)?

A lot of people got it wrong. Nevertheless, I'm in support of controversy. I knew it was going to cause controversies. What I actually meant was 'look, see far'; meaning I'm seeing ahead. I told my crew members that it was going to generate controversies and I'm enjoying it.

Considering how wild you are, many people will not believe that you started music from the church, and as a gospel artiste?

Sometimes, you need to put yourself in people's shoes. When a preacher is preaching to you, and you already knew all what he was going to say, it might not sound interesting. I think God knows why He chose a path for everybody because if you look at it, everybody seems to have done gospel music at some point. It worked for some people, and didn't work for some. That is because we have different purposes in life.

I know you recorded a gospel album before delving into secular music. How would you describe yourself between then and now?

I will say it was a process. Everything in life demands experience. Some people are there right now just because they understand the market. It will get to a level where you will understand that it is more than just singing; it has to do with showbiz – the talent and business side of it. So, I have understood that with time, there are certain ways you can still do it.

Are you saying gospel music don't sell?

I didn't say so. The truth is that in all my albums, there is an element of gospel. There will be a track where I will praise God. Gospel music comes from the heart, because what you sing should portray who you are. You can be singing gospel music and still be a great sinner, so you can't judge me for playing secular music.

Would you go back to gospel music anytime soon?

By God's grace; it has been prophesied that God is going to use me to prophesy to multitudes, and I think I'm already doing that in a way, but when God calls me at the right time, I will go for it.

You need to make certain clarifications about your personality. Perhaps, due to your energetic stagecraft and lyrics, some people perceive you to be an addicted Indian hemp smoker?

Well, these things are attached to secular music. Everybody doesn't do it but I think 99 percent of us are seen doing it. The fact about life is that everything has control. There is a reason for everything. If you ask me, it doesn't have to do with the fact that people say I take Indian hemp. It has to do with the talent that I have. If I take Indian hemp and I'm not creative or naturally intellectual, it won't work. Besides, if you look at it, I'm not the only one.

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