Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am a cute girl and still feel cute inside, I still think of getting married - Singer Kenny St. Brown

Gospel Singer Kenny St. Brown now known as Kenny St Best in a recent interview was asked how she has been coping with her kids (after the break up with her ex-husband) and if she will be willing to try her hands in marriage again.

She said: I am not a single mother; I am a single parent. A single mother gets the bill taken care of while a single parent plays the role of a father and a mother while still picking up the bills. It has been a tough job anyway. I enjoy it, as I said earlier, and it is really a lovely experience being a mother because it is just the three of us.

On marrying;

I am a cute girl and still feel cute inside. I still think of getting married. Yes I will; most definitely…

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