Friday, August 9, 2013

I have never battered any woman - 2shotz responds to Beverly Osu's claims of being battered by an ex-boyfriend

Nigerias' BBA rep. Beverly Osu has being saying a lot in the house, she once said her mother was deported from the States because of 'runz', she dropped out of school, she was a prostitue and how she aborted a pregnancy which was already four months old. (It seems she can't just stop talking) Yesterday, she told her fellow housemate and the world how a rapper boyfriend used to beat her when they were dating.

Although she didn't mention any name, some bloggers assumed she was refering to rapper 2shortz who she once dated.

According to her, one particular day she ran into the bathroom and locked the door when the beating was too much, but the rapper broke down the door and continued to pounce on her again. She even showed housemates a scar from the incident.

Well 2shortz took to his facebook page to clear the air saying he has never battered any woman and would never do so. Read Below;

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