Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nelson Mandela’s health is improving by the day - His Daughter

Former South African President
Nelson Mandela's health is
improving daily and he is now
able to sit up for minutes at a
time, his youngest daughter
told state broadcaster SABC.

The 95-year-old has been in a
Pretoria hospital for two
months for treatment of a
recurrent lung infection. The
government said late last month
his condition remained critical
but was showing improvement.

Zindzi Mandela told SABC on
Friday her father was becoming
increasingly alert.

"He's fine. Tata now manages to
sit up, like now he sits up in a
chair for a few minutes in a day,
every day you know he becomes
more alert and responsive. Tata
is determined not to go
anywhere anytime soon, I
cannot stress this enough," she
said, referring to him by the
Xhosa word for father.

"He just doesn't have the
strength of a man, he has the
strength that is beyond
anything that can be explained.
Because even now with the
challenges to his health, he
somehow manages to bounce
back when everyone assumes
this is the end."

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