Friday, August 9, 2013

Private Universities do not sell first class grades - VC

The Vice Chancellor of Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Prof. Kehinde Okeleye responding to the allegations that many of the private universities offered First Class grades to the children of the rich, described such allegations against private institutions as "unfounded."

Nigeria's private universities do not sell first class grades and are not a "dumping ground" for the intellectually deficient students who did not manage to secure admission to the nation's public tertiary institutions -- the VC stated

He explained that the lack of necessary infrastructure and facilities in public universities had made learning in such institutions not conducive for their students.

According to him, this inadequacy has hindered students in public universities not to be able to perform like their counterparts in the private schools.

He said, "I want to say categorically that it is a fallacy for any professor to say that private universities sell grades. Given his experience in academics, he should know that there is no way that a proprietor or anybody can dictate to a university what number of First Class or Second Class that you must produce because a student, undergoing a degree course, is not taught by just one person.

"He has to do so many courses
and the records are there. If
you are not doing well from
100 levels, you cannot change
your poor grade when you get
to the final year. It is not
possible, that was why I said it
is a fallacy.

"So private universities don't
sell certificates or grades; what
sells for them is stability in
calendar and facilities.

"Again, what goes for us is discipline. Our curriculum and our calendar are very stable. When our students resume they know when to finish and what that means is that students and members of staff work steadily to finish on schedule."

On the allegation that private universities have become a dumping ground for candidates who could not secure admission to the public universities, Okeleye said,

"There is a national minimum standard that is made annually. So any student, who makes it, qualifies to go to any university."

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