Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tonto Dikeh reportedly tried to commit suicide

Dear Tonto Dikeh please don't give ear to wat haters say cuz they are only after your down fall, you still have a long way to go in life, never give up cuz its always too soon to quit, the lord is your strength, clear your mind, be courageous and stayed focused, One love. David Awunor

According to reports from Linda Ikeji's Blog Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh reportedly tried to commit suicide but was stopped by some good friends. Linda claims she heard everything that happened on that fateful day but decided not to write about it because it's such a sensitive issue.

Linda writes "If I write details of what happened that day, none of you will believe it. I was in shock myself." According to Linda the reason why she is writing this now is because Tonto kind of shared what happened to her on her instagram page but most people didn't get what she was trying to say.

See the photo Tonto shared on Instagram and what she wrote below;

"WokeUp happy n decided to
share diz***I've bin here b4 n I
can tell u we stronger Dan our
problemz/painz/Etc**That day I
realized SUICIDE iz for
COWARDZ**if u've gat no1 to
talk to like mii I suggezt u strt
wit GOD,diz shitzzzz crazy
(world) but it iz Ourz dnt leave it
in SHAME,ILOVEU"---Tonto Dikeh

Please encourage her with your comments and mind wat you say to her on social media.


  1. Tatoo demons are at work!

  2. Give your life to God and Fill your heart with inspirational and positive texts including your Bible. If God loves you, no human can overpower your heart.


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