Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm afraid of not making heaven... I'm a sinner - Cossy Orjiakor

At the recent V-Channel's Celeb's guest gathering in lagos, they had an interactive session with Cossy Orjiakor, the audience where allowed to ask her questions.

Her most embarrassing moment:
I was driving and in the traffic, a guy walked up to me and grabbed my boobs and walked away.

Why she thrives on scandals:
i don't love scandals. I don't like to be in the news too. I just love to be myself. I don't try to be any other person but me. I'm a good girl.

On her dress sense:
I wear 4DD. I'm so blessed. It's not that I'm out to flaunt it, but it's just that clothes don't get to cover it all. It's not really my fault.

On her fears:
I'm afraid of not making heaven and getting old to live alone

Her marital status:
I'm single, not engaged and I'm waiting for the diamond ring.

When she was asked to pray, Cossy declined. Said: I'm a sinner.


  1. just pray to God... He forgives

  2. Then confess n ask God for forgiveness

  3. God is a merciful God Dearie! Stop condemning yourself.



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