Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jealous man ends up with swollen genitals as charm backfires

Culled From: Leadership

A jealous farmer identified as
Mamudu (Surname withheld) in
Akuku-Igbo, Delta State, has
allegedly been inflicted with
swollen genitals after a charm
he planted on the path to the
farmland close to his, backfired.

It was gathered that Mamudu, a
cassava farmer, had engaged
another farmer whose farmland
is close to his own in a quarrel
during the last harvest and
allegedly threatened to make life
unbearable for him.

He was also alleged to have
reported a case of trespass into
his farmland to elders of the
community even as he told the
elders that his neighbour used
fetish means to suppress his
own crops, citing the instance
of the last season harvest where
most of his crops were
damaged while the other farmer
had a bountiful harvest.

The community elders were said
to have blamed Mamudu's
condition on his jealous attitude
and warned him against the

Sources told LEADERSHIP that
this did not go down well with
him and he sought the help of a
native doctor to assist him with
fetish substance.

Trouble started last weekend
when he reportedly came home
with a substance he claimed
was prepared for him to grow
his cassava farm well but he
mistakenly planted on the path
leading to the farm and crossed
it against the warning of the
native doctor leaving him with
swollen genital organs.

Confessing to his crime, the
farmer admitted that the
substance was fetish adding
that he violated the instructions,
resulting in his present

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  1. Dat serves him right.even if his neighbour is using juju to surpress his farm dat doesnt mean he shld pay evil with evil.he should have left all for God.but God was on d side of d neighbour so d charm didnt go down well with d fetish one


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