Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet 62-year-old Businessman who wants to bury his £310,000 bentley so he can use it in the afterlife

62years old wealthy entrepreneur 'Count Scarpa' is set to bury his
greatest treasure - his new £310,000 Bentley convertible.

In a bizarre announcement on his Facebook page Scarpa, declared that
he plans to do as the Pharaohs of Egypt did and take his riches with
him when he dies by burying them.

So today, he will entomb his brand new Bentley Continental worth over
£310,000 to make sure he has a comfortable journey into the 'other

The funeral ceremony, he promises, will be at 11am in Sao Paulo.

The self-made businessman, who has a degree in economics and is a
black belt instructor and owner of the Institute Maruyama Aikido, a
Japanese martial arts academy, explains that his decision to start
storing up his treasures for the life beyond came after watching a
programme on Ancient Egypt on Sunday.

'I was watching a documentary about the pharaohs of Egypt, very
interesting. They buried their entire fortune to have a comfortable
life "the other side"!

Scarpa has been married twice - his first wife died, then he married a second wife whom he divorced. Scarpa has no children.


  1. Hes definately insane,he shld also bury himself along side his precious bently.useless man

  2. Is because he has no children that's why he is thinking foolishly


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