Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo: 21-year-old Nigerian woman wins world Muslim beauty contest

A 21-year-old Nigerian woman, Aisha Ajibola,
has emerged the winner of a beauty pageant that
is exclusively for Muslims in Jakarta, capital of
Indonesia, on Wednesday.

She was chosen among 20 contestants from six
countries to wear the crown in the 2013
Muslimah World beauty pageant, ahead of the
controversial Miss World event scheduled to
take place in the same country in a few weeks
from now.

According to a report monitored online, all the
20 finalists in the contest were covered from
head to toe during the event. They were
required to wear headscarves, stroll up and
down and do a catwalk in elaborately
embroidered dresses and stilettos before an
audience comprising religious scholars and
other devout Muslims.

A panel of judges chose the winner on the basis
of how well she recited Quranic verses and her
views on Islam in the modern world.

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