Monday, September 9, 2013

Singer 9ice goes back to school to study law

9ice has decided to go back and pursue his career as a lawyer. In a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, he stated clearly that being a lawyer was his biggest dream. Read Below...

Your decision to leave school wouldn't have gone down well with your parents, how did they react to it and what was constantly coming to your mind back then?

It was not an easy decision to make. There were days that I had to live in the studio. Talking about my parents' reaction, I had to lie for a while, pretended as if all was well. Before my parents knew I wasn't in school, it was too late to complain because I was already on TVs, making money and rocking shows all around.

Would you consider going back to school someday?

I'm in school already, studying public safety and Common Law at Capella university. It is an online programme. I can't think of any other course except law.

Would you trade your being famous for something else if you look at some of the bad side of fame that you have experienced over time?

Yes, I will love to trade fame
with some silent life that does
not arrogate too much attention
to one, but it has got nothing to
do with any bad experience. No
matter what you do or who you
are, there's always a difficult
time and life challenges that you
can't run away from. But I will
really love to trade because I
wish to be a lawyer.That has
always been my dream.

Do you think life would have been different for you should you have been a lawyer?

Honestly, life as a normal person is fine and more wonderful, free, fair and peaceful. But as a public figure, you enjoy more and you pay more in terms of the price you pay for being famous. If I come to this world again, I would prefer normal life.

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