Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bomb blast at Eid prayers kills Afghan provincial governor, 11 worshippers in Iraq

A bomb hidden in a microphone killed an Afghan provincial governor today as he made a speech at a mosque after Eid prayers in Logar, close to the capital Kabul, officials said.

"This morning, governor Arsala Jamal was delivering a speech after Eid prayers when he was killed by a bomb planted in the microphone," Logar provincial governor spokesman Din Mohammad Darwish told AFP. "Eight other people have been wounded."

No group claimed immediate responsibility for the blast, though Taliban militants often target government officials as well as Afghan soldiers and police.

And in Iraq a bomb ripped through a crowd of worshippers as they left a mosque in Iraq after prayers marking the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, killing 11 people, police and a doctor said.

The blast near a Sunni mosque in the northern city of Kirkuk also wounded 22 people, the sources said.

An AFP photographer at the scene said bodies, their clothes covered in blood, were placed in the back of a small police pickup truck to be taken away.

Bright red blood stained the street. Angry and grieving worshippers railed against those who carried out the attack, shouting, "God take revenge on those who are evil!"

Eid ul Adha is a major public holiday across the Muslim world, with mosques packed with devotees marking the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.

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