Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Davido not satisfied with Skelewu video, reshooting it

Davido says he is not satisfied with the Skelewu video released yesterday shot by prolific music video director Sesan. According to him he planned to do a re-shoot but someone leaked the video.

He tweeted "Plus disregard the leak that is not the official video... The official video is being redone. Thx ..

"Can't believe this dude did this... U know who u are! ... Then you wait till I'm on the plane lol smart move .. Karma"

Davido says he will do the reshoot of the video today with UK based music video director, Moe Musa. Hopefully, that will be a better video

"No worries God dey!! Skelewu official videos hoot this Thursday shot by @MrMoemusa."

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