Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Foluke Daramola denies bleaching her skin to please her husband

Foluke Daramola

Foluke Daramola

Actress Foluke Daramola has denied the rumour making rounds online that she bleached her skin to please her husband, Kayode Salako. The actress says she cant go to that extent to please her husband, adding that she is naturally light.

She said "I believe it's only a woman who has complex that would opt for that. Besides, my husband is not a vain person, he believes in what you have upstairs. The attraction between my husband and myself is not about the physical. Basically, you can make yourself beautiful for your man, but I cant go to the extent of damaging my health. Basically like I always tell anybody who cares, I have never been a dark-skinned person. It's natural for a normal lady that's decent and purposeful to use cream that can tone you up but my husband has never known me to be a dark person".

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