Friday, November 22, 2013

55-year-old Indian man rapes injured cow to death

A 55-year-old Indian man, Muthu was arrested and charged with having unnatural sex with an injured cow…and guess what? The sick man used coconut oil as a lubricant to rape the cow.

Muthu was detained for violating the animal that has since died from the injuries it sustained in the rail accident or from the rape... or from both.

Muthu who was caught red handed by rail officials and has since confessed to the crime.

After the shocked rail officials caught Muthu in the act with the four year old cow, they sent the cow for test and results showed she had been violently raped.

#Na wa o.. *sigh*


  1. what did he gain frm doing dat?

  2. Lyk seriously?????datz xtremely gross

  3. Such an old man having konji! Thank God it wasn't a 4years old Girl. Shame on him. Miya

  4. Na wa o. Foolish man.

  5. Unbelievable wonders !!!!!!!!!!!!
    If even a speechless animal cannot be spared, what can we expect for the humans.


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