Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don Jazzy accuses Wande Coal of stealing from him, I served for 10 years. Why are you unhappy with my progress? - Wande Coal to Don Jazzy

Yesterday, Don Jazzy came out to claim that Wande Coal stole his new single "Baby Face" from him. Don Jazzy claimed the song was a studio demo that he made about a year ago.

"How long will I continue to sweat and some people will choose to steal from me? I am nice and easy going does not mean you should disrespect me," Don Jazzy tweeted.

Then in another tweet that seemed to suggest that he was displeased with some of his fans for keeping quiet while his intellectual property was being infringed, the music producer said, "I honestly expected you all to come at me for being childish.But enough is enough. Even if I send my legal team on him you will complain too. I can decide to shut him down with one call. But didn't. All I ask for is "give me my credit" and nothing else."

Evidently Don Jazzy's claims did not go down well with Wande Coal who tweeted a message, accusing Don Jazzy of trying to bring him down.

"After these years of being loyal to you, I can't believe that you will ever say this to me and trying to bring me down on Twitter. You have my phone number, email address and my DM to communicate with me, but you chose the Twitter attention syndrome. I served for 10 years. Why are you unhappy with my progress? Is it bad that I kept quiet and moved on with my life?"

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