Saturday, November 23, 2013

His marathon sex sometimes makes me faint - Wife seeks divorce, it can’t kill her - Husband

A 45-year-old trader, Muina Adelami, has asked a Lagos family court in Lagos State to dissolve her eight-year-old marriage to her husband, Shuaib, a clerical officer, on the ground that his sex drive was high.

"I have managed to stay this long in the marriage because I thought his libido would go down but that has not been the case.

"In the eight years of our marriage, we only have a child, I had two miscarrages as a result of excessive sex."

She informed the court further that her husband liked sex too much and gave her no breathing space.

"We start having sex every night just before midnight and this goes on till the early hours of the next day. Many times, immediately after he comes back from work, he starts demanding for sex.

"He will refuse to stand up even when I am crying and will start beating me whenever I complain.

"There were time I did faint, but when I came
around, he would start
again. The way he's going, he will
kill me. I now look older than
my age mates due to too much sex," she said.

In his defence, Shuaib admitted to having a high sex drive, but added that it was his right to have sex with his wife.

"I was advised to marry a younger wife but I cannot afford that, that is why I take care of her and give her everything she wants.

"I have been trying to change her mind on the issue of divorce, but she is adamant. I love her and would not want to divorce her. I also know that sex can't kill her" he said.

The case was adjourned till December 4.

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