Friday, November 22, 2013

Man sentenced to death by stoning for impregnating younger sister

A 30-year-old man was sentenced yesterday by an Upper Sharia court in Bauchi to death by stoning for impregnating his younger sister.

Umar Mohammed Kandahar who has 3 wives, was arraigned before Upper Sharia Court Unguwar Jaki, by the Bauchi State Shari'ah Commission, where he was accused of impregnating his younger sister from the same father.

The the 16-year-old girl was brought to the house of her brother by their father, so Kandahar would take her to school. Instead, he forced her to have sexual intercourse with her. The act resulted in pregnancy, and she has already delivered a baby.

The accused pleaded guilty, but stated the girl did not refuse to have intercourse with him.

The Shariah Court Judge, Musa Barde sentenced him to death by stoning.

The accused has subsequently filed an appeal against the judgment arguing that he did not agree with the verdict.

The counsel to the accused told the court his family suffered because of his detention since 2011, and asked the court to release him on bail to ease the sufferings of his family.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Aliyu Baba Usman, fixed Monday, November 25, 2013, for mentioning of the appeal.


  1. death penalty is on de extreme , imprisonment would be a better option

  2. Wat a shame if he pleaded guilty its bcos he knows he did it n they shudld av facts to prove dat. Goooooood for him I don't understand y lately d rate of sexuall crimes like rape, child molestation has received an unprecedented rise. Wat r men turnin into before now it wasn't common to hear of men raping animals bt its common now. God save us.


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