Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photo: Kim Kardashian shares Illuminati photo?

Kim Kardashian Illuminati photo

On wednesday, Kim Kardashian wished her best friend Brittny Gastineau a happy birthday and attached a photo (above photo) which featured a collage in a shape similar to the alleged Illuminati symbol. "Happy Birthday to my best friend... We've shared soooo many memories over the past years! I love you!" Kim captioned the photo.

While it may have seemed like a sweet message to Gastineau, fans took to the photo to ask if Kim was part of the secret society, Illuminati, a cult that has been linked to other celebrity names such as Jay Z and Beyonce.

As accusations piled up on Twitter, Kim responded, "What is the illuminate? A religion?… I'm a Christian. A cult?… not into that sorry!" She later posted, "It had an eye on it, which reminded me of [Brittny Gastineau] bc her company 'eye on glam' & reminds me of against evil eye bracelets we wear. So sorry guys it was just a cool design I saw on one of those IG collage apps."

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  1. Lol she done join jor.kanye done pin her n Shez nw broke.hehe datz her only way out*smh*


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