Friday, December 13, 2013

BBA’s Bassey from Sierra Leone relocates to Lagos, Staying with Beverly Osu

Bassey is the fun loving, jovial and well liked housemate from Sierra Leone from Big Brother Africa: The Chase. Recently he relocated to Nigeria. In a chat with Dstv's Ayo Falafala he talked about his love for Nigeria, his movie star dreams and why he lives together with Beverly and Bimp. Read Below;

Why are you relocating to Nigeria?
I wouldn't say its greener pastures, but I'd say Nigeria presents me with more opportunities than my country. The entertainment industry here is very big and I want to break into Nollywood. That's why I've relocated to Nigeria but it's not fully yet because I have to go back and finish my studies. I'm in my final year so I can say I'm 80% in Nigeria and 20% in Sierra Leone.

How has the reception by Nigerians been?
It's been amazing. Nigerians are very hospitable; they are my people because I have a connection with Nigeria. I used to live here before. I used to go to school in Nigeria before so it's nothing strange. The reception I have here, the attention like when people see me at the mall, even when I'm waiting for somebody outside, people stop by and say "Bassey what are you doing here in Nigeria?" I never knew I did so well in Big Brother until I came to Nigeria. People in Nigeria watch Big Brother twenty-four hours and keep telling me stuff I don't even remember.

What are the favourite slangs you've learnt in Lagos?
My favourite slang is 'pele' in Yoruba and it means sorry. 'Your hair is ras.' I used to think it means your hair is good but I've come to learn that it means you hair is bad. Another one is 'na wa ooo' or 'na wa for you ooo'! I love it!

What are you working on at the moment?
For now, I'm working on my movies because was an actor professionally, even before Big Brother. So right now I'm just trying to break into Nollywood. You'll see my movies coming out very soon. Watch out for them. You're going to see me working with a lot of people in Nigeria.

2014 is around the corner, what should we expect from Bassey?
January 7, 2014 is my birthday so wish me a happy birthday. You'll see my movies and lots of commercials. Maybe ambassadorship for GLO (laughs). Expect good things.

Relationship with Bev and Bimp
In, fact I was just talking to Bolt, my fellow housemate from Sierra Leone. We are very close and like brothers. I'm very close to Beverly and Bimp especially. Bimp is like my best friend and Beverly is like my sister. They call us the 3 Bs - Bassey, Beverly, Bimp. We live together now that we are in Nigeria. We are trying to get an apartment for ourselves because we are very close friends.

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