Monday, December 9, 2013

Drogba and Eboue to be punished for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela (Photo)

Eboue and Drogba pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

Dider Drogba and Emmanuel Eboue face fines from the Turkish FA after displaying vests bearing tributes to Nelson Mandela.

The two Ivory Coast internationals unveiled their personal messages after Galatasaray's game against Elazigspor on Friday, their first game after the death of South African icon Nelson Mandela.

Chelsea legend Drogba peeled off his shirt at the 2-0 win to reveal a tribute which said: 'Thank you Madiba' and former Arsenal defender Eboue's vest said: 'Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela'

The Turkish FA (TFF) are planning to summon the Galatasaray pair to appear before the Professional Football Discipline Committee because they had not sought prior permission to display their messages.

It is in contrast to England where games this weekend have been preceded by a minute of applause in celebration of Mandela's life and his role in ending apartheid in South Africa and transforming the international profile of Africa.

Plans to discipline Drogba and Eboue are certain to attract criticism and fuel debate in Turkey, where the TFF are trying to keep political imagery out of football as directed by FIFA, although it has proved increasingly difficult in a football-crazy nation beset by political tension. (Vanguard)


  1. mtchewwww
    what is it called again???
    mmmm....still thinking...

  2. What is this called?

  3. I think they should be cautioned and not sanctioned. Fifa is an organised institution and the law should be respected by all persons. If we continue to exempt others then the law will not be kept.

  4. Apartheid in action here. Because they r blacks abi?


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