Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Governor Oshiomhole's "go and die" widow to fight street trading

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole during a tea breakfast with the widow he told "go and die" Ifije and one of her sons, Bright, gave the widow N2m to shore up her business and offered her employment- to help in the fight against street trading.

The governor said her job would be to join the state's War Against Indiscipline in the campaign against street trading and to keep the state clean.

Oshiomhole, who again apologised to the widow, said, "When you put your things on the road, a vehicle can run into you and they have killed some people like that and that was why I said if you are a widow do you want more people to be widowed? But when I said go and die, that one was said in a fit of anger. And I am really sorry.

"I want you to join us. We would employ you and pay you salary. You would help us to campaign to other women not to trade on road sides. We should not use poverty as a yardstick. We would also talk to taxi and bus drivers not to block roads when carrying passengers.

"For your child who is preparing to enter into the university, my daughters and I have agreed to support him. If he does well as we pray he does, he will assist the family. Maybe this is the way God wants it. That is why I asked them to look for you, so that I can personally offer my apology, and also to support you."

Responding, Ifije, whose late husband was a policeman, commended the governor for the gesture and promised to join in the fight to keep the city clean.

She said. "I have been a victim of theft by a cart pusher who went away with my goods. That was why I was on the road with my goods on that day as I no longer trust cart pushers not to steal my goods."

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