Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LET'S TALK: If N200 billion ment for ASUU was mistakenly sent to you what will you do?

Lol.. Imagine you woke up one morning and got a bank alert telling you that N200 billion has being credited to your account. Shocked! You decide to read this blog only to see a news post "ASUU N200 billion fund missing" what will you do? Would you return it Or allow the strike to continue?

NOTE: Nobody can trace the money...

Lol don't read and go o! Drop your comment... Talk to me... I'm listening.

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  1. Return it 2 d rightful owner

  2. Lol see lie, u won't return it jor

  3. Well, as for me i will refund the money. Because i will not like to still the future of my children.

    1. Did u say 'still' d future of ur children? sure u will use d money to relocate elsewhere n send dem to proper school....Lol see talk


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