Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rihanna alleged to be angry with Beyonce over surprise album release

Beyonce and Rihanna

Beyonce shocked all her fans when she released a whole new album and 17 videos last Friday. It was an unexpected treat, but apparently Rihanna was less-thrilled with Queen Bey's holiday gift to her legions of fans. In fact, there are rumors that she's pretty pissed!

According to inside sources, Rihanna was not happy with the timing though, as she was building up to the grand unveiling of her new video with Eminem for hit tune The Monster.

RiRi and her collaborator are
currently sitting pretty at the
top of the Billboard charts, and
were hoping to build on that
success with the release of the anticipated video on Monday.

"Rihanna and Beyonce have always had a very cordial [relationship], but they are definitely competitors," an insider revealed to MediaTakeOut. "I think Beyonce is jealous of Rihanna. First there were those Jay Z [affair] rumors, and lately people are acting like Rihanna [is] the top girl in the game....[I think] Beyonce definitely pulled a power play and let Rihanna know who the Queen is."


  1. She can vex for all I care...She no sabi her mate?

  2. Looool! Nice one! ☺

  3. I lv Bibi n Riri,let d battle begin.She only used a strategy on her.I luv surprises,Welldone Bibi can't wait 2 watch d videos n listen 2 d tracks.


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