Monday, December 2, 2013

Threats won`t end ASUU strike - IBB to FG


Former Military head of state Ibrahim Babangida told Daily Trust yesterday that the Federal Government's threat to sack striking university lecturers unless they resume work by Wednesday will not solve the crisis.

"Basically, I'll say both Federal Government and ASUU should apply knowledge and tactfulness in resolving this issue. Issues are never settled by threat and you need to settle quarrel in a tactful way," he said

"For those of us who believe in Islam, Allah (SWA) instructed his Prophet (PBUH) that if he wants to bring people into his religion, he should use his knowledge and tactics in talking to people.

"And I think this is what is supposed to happen between the Federal Government and ASUU. I am sure the members of ASUU are patriots; they have the interest of the students at heart because they too are parents. I am sure both of them can sit down together, talk as Nigerians, talk as patriots and as people who are concerned. Because at the end of the day, if that is not done, quarrelling and threat will not solve this problem. Apply knowledge and tactics in handling this problem."


  1. All this nonsene Assu is doing is inspired by people like u:Mr IBB,But don't worry as for Goodluck,he is the winner of 2015 election.Just keep on dreaming along with your people. You pple wont get to that position by 2015.

    1. Hey i dnt think u have ever been into a class room, this the way u are talking illiterally.


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