Monday, December 16, 2013

Wife kills husband over N100

A housewife simply identified as Mariam yesterday at Oloje area of Ilorin allegedly struck her bricklayer husband to death with a stick following argument between them over N100.

It was gathered that the woman, a mother of four all late, had recently returned into her matrimonial home after she parted ways with her husband following irreconcilable differences.

According to an eye-witness their relationship went sour again yesterday morning, leading to a hot argument between them over N100 which the woman was said to have demanded from the husband.

The deceased was said to have told the wife that he had no money which did not go down well with the wife thereby degenerating into a hot argument between them.

During the process, the wife was said to have picked a stick and hit the husband on his head and he fainted.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby private hospital where he was pronounced dead.

As the news of the man's death filtered in,the woman on realising the gravity of the incident was said to have locked herself up in a room and inflicted wounds on her body using a razor blade.

To avert another tragedy, residents of the area, according to sources, forced the door open and dragged the culprit out naked before the police were invited to effect her arrest.

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  1. many bad tings happening in dis country these days.RIP to d dead man

  2. Jeezs.....see what poverty can cause??may his soul rest in peace

  3. That is terrible, what a life?

  4. So she inflicted herself with injury to claim self defence right???? Yh.... right! Eyes saw it tooo; so she ll probably rot in jail.


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